Sunday, September 19, 2010

Behind every good woman is a wonderful family!

We had lots of fun this weekend and accomplished lots of work too.
I am slowly discovering that we are too busy during our school day this year to cook a good lunch everyday. Plus, the kids are eating more and Shawn is taking lots of leftovers to work so we don't have as much food in the fridge leftover. So if I don't want to eat pb&j or lunch meat for lunch every day I knew I needed to do some more freezer cooking.
I got lots done:
  • 20 breakfast burritos
  • 20 bean and beef burritos
  • 4 meals of hearty hamburger stew
  • 3 meals of BBQ pulled beef
  • beef broth
  • 2 breakfast casseroles
  • 2 meals of chicken nuggets
  • 3 containers of mashed potatoes (they were supposed to be hash browns, but it didn't quite work out.)
  • 1 gallon zip loc of frozen carrots from our garden
  • 9 jars of tomato sauce
  • 10 qts of peaches

I didn't feel like I got tons done, but after looking at my completed list I'm feeling pretty good about it! And I have chicken breasts in the fridge for grilling tomorrow since I didn't get them cooked into a recipe today. :)

As I mentioned in the title of my post behind every woman is a wonderful family and my family really helped me out this weekend. Shawn watched the kids for me while I canned and cooked. He even managed to install a new outlet for our new to us freezer too. Everyone pitched in to help with the freezer cooking marathon this weekend. My list was pretty long, but I got most of it done because I had great help. K-girl cracked all my eggs (2 dozen) for our breakfast burritos. K-man peeled and cut up carrots, K-sis dumped in many ingredients and stirred pots. K-baby was my time keeper by demanding snacks and meals every once in a while to remind me it was time to feed everyone.

Our beautiful box of peaches!!!

K-girl holding one of the peaches we bought last weekend!
The peaches were all HUGE and perfect. The lady we bought our 35 pound box from said they were from her father's orchard in Washington. They were definitely the best peaches I have ever tasted. I wish we would have bought 2 boxes, but it is hard to pay so much for fruit all at once. I think we had a peach with each meal and snack for the past week and I still had enough to can some this weekend.

Peaches and tomato sauce. YUM! I can't wait for some delicious soup this winter.

One of three ice cream buckets that we got from our final carrot pick in our backyard garden.

K-man and Shawn were in charge of picking, peeling and washing the carrots!

K-sis filling the stock pot for hearty hamburger stew. She loves to help cook and is always eager to dump ingredients in the pot for me.

I'm hoping this is enough chicken nuggets for 2 meals

My new stand up freezer that my parents gave us!! I was excited to put in the first of many freezer meals in it! It looks a little empty with only 2 meals of hearty hamburger stew in it.

My FULL freezer! Most of this is veggies from our summer CSA share and our strawberries and apples. Although I did manage to squeeze in 2 breakfast casseroles and one meal of bean and beef burritos.
Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with the 50 pounds of red potatoes in my garage!

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  1. Another post, I just commented on the other one. Good grief, what a list you accomplished!! Lost of help from the entire family sure helps!! ;)