Saturday, September 18, 2010

A FULL weekend!

I can hardly believe that it is only Saturday evening! We did enough activities yesterday and today to fill our whole weekend.

Today we decided to go to the farm threshers show at the pumpkin patch. (This is in between all my canning and cooking which will have to be a post all by itself.)

Last year we went to Lindig Farms with Nana Yvette and Papa Bruce and had a great time. We just found out that this year they were only going to be open for this one weekend because they aren't doing the pumpkin patch anymore. We had a fantastic time and they had tons of activities for the kids to do AND horses (you can guess who was excited about this).

Watching an old time sorghum press. They squeeze the juice out and then cook it down to make a type of molasses. They were also cooking down the sorghum juice over an open fire but I didn't get a picture of that. We tried the molasses and didn't really like it (it was green!), but we were told it was great for cooking cookies.

K-baby's favorite spot (beside the horses) was the gourds! I think she would have taken every gourd home if she could have. We may have to try planting gourds in our garden next year.

Trying our the homemade hand cranked ice cream. They had chocolate, vanilla and maple flavors and they were all delicious. I wish you could see the seats they were sitting on at this table...they were made from shovels!

All the family by one of the horse drawn plows! It was so neat to see 5-6 teams of horses all working on plowing a field while we watched. I can't imagine how much work it took to farm this way.

The thresher at work! My favorite kid quote of the day was from K-man. "Mom, guess what a combine is? It's just a fancy threshing machine!" He loves farm equipment and was telling me what everything was as we walked around.

Our favorite horse duo, Rudy and Rex.

Watching an apple press and tasting some fresh apple juice! It definitely didn't taste like any juice I've bought at the store.

After we watched a team of 3 horses pull a potato picking machine (I'm not sure what it was officially called) we picked a big 50 pound bag of huge red potatoes to take home. Yeah, yeah...more food to freeze or can or something. I'm thinking my neighbors may need some potatoes.

picking tators

K-girl and mommy enjoying a stage coach ride.

picking out our pumpkins

seed art- this was one of our favorite stations at the farm.
Tomorrow I am hoping to get to some more freezer cooking and also fit in church and a homeschool WATCH group picnic.

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  1. Caught up on the last two posts!! You have been busy! Love all the pictures of the threshing machine and seeing the teams of horses. Great pictures of the kids going to coop! They are growing up too fast .......