Sunday, September 12, 2010

K-kids at the farm

We spent a crazy 10 days on vacation in KS this summer for Labor Day. We spent 5 days at each grandparent's house and they really kept us hopping!

We really needed a weekend to recover from vacation, but headed straight to work and school instead. I'm hoping we will all be fully recovered and ready to make the trip again in a few weeks for NASCAR in Kansas City.

We managed to squeeze in a short visit to Eric and Theresa's house. The kids had a great time playing in the backyard and also fishing at the neighborhood pond.

The Papon crew in the new camper. It was great to have a clean/cool place to relax while we toured the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge. I can tell Nana and Papa are going to get a lot of use out of this new toy.

K-sis at the lake

K-sis in her first Arty airplane ride! I think Papa is going to have to save up his money to pay for lots of fuel for all the grandkids to take rides. The kids had a great time.

K-girl, I don't think she really wanted to go, but she was all smiles when she got done. :)

K-man ready to take off.

K-baby in her and mommy's first Arty taxi ride. I don't think it was her favorite activity, but I'm sure she will love it as she grows.

The guys shooting blue rocks.

digging salt crystals in Oklahoma

Abby's first dove hunt.

Exploring Papa Bruce's L-2 he is rebuilding! What an awesome site to see the changes this plane has under gone.

K-baby LOVED the horses and cried when I took her off.

Yvette put me to work using up all the wonderful apples on her trees! We did applesauce, apple butter, dried apples and frozen apples.

K-baby and Nana riding double.

K-sis and Aunt Colette riding Babe.

K-girl going solo on her horse Sherman! She was so excited that she got to do the barrel pattern all by herself. She would have stayed on that horse all day and night!!!

K-man and Papa working the farm ground. That boy does love to do farm chores.

Everyone loved Nana and Papa's new gator and it made a great tool for picking and hauling apples.

The big boys went dove hunting and shot a few.

K-baby enjoying the frosting from Nana Yvette's 60th b-day party! Sorry I didn't get any great pictures of Yvette to post, but we had a great time suprising her with a few friends and family for her special day.

We even found time for the big kids to go fishing. K-girl caught the most fish! She caught about 20 fish in an hour and K-man caught almost that many.

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