Wednesday, September 29, 2010

School is keeping us hopping.

It's been a while since I got a blog entry up and since we are leaving for another trip to KS, I figured I should get another one up before we leave.

Besides taking care of stuffing our freezers for this winter, I have also been busy schooling the kids and trying to keep the top layer of grime off our messy house. I would have to say that housekeeping is taking a back burner this school season, but hopefully as we figure out our schedule I will find time to do it all. Right now I decided that I would rather be outside enjoying my kids than keeping the house sparkling clean (plenty of time for that this winter).

This week we have been trying to catch up on some of our science work. I'm thinking that Fridays may become science and craft days. We did a ton of experiments this week and I managed to take pictures along the way.

On Thursdays the kids get to do show and tell at the school of choice and this week they are supposed to bring seeds and leaves. So we took a bike ride around our neighborhood to find some cool leaves and then decided to take a walk out at One Mile Prairie to get some grass seeds. Of course, this also allowed us to exercise Abby at the same time (nothing wrong with a little multi-tasking right?).

The big kids on our nature walk at One Mile Prairie. I should have had Abby sit in the picture too, but I'm sure she was swimming in the wetland already.
K-baby and mom...ignore my terrible hair, the wind was blowing like crazy.

We also had the electric company come and cut down one of our trees that was out front. The kids LOVED watching this and K-man even remembered that gravity was at work when the branches were falling. Nothing like applying what you learn to real life. :)

Now we (Shawn and the kids) just have to haul all the branches to the dump.

K-baby busy with her science notebook.

The kids exploring the density of water. They had pretty good guesses while they were experimenting

We also did some experiments on things being wet and dry.

K-sis getting ready to see how sugar cubes react to colored water.

K-man experimenting with how beans change when they are hydrated. He was excited when the lid on the Tupperware totally popped off.

K-girl starting her experiment on what happens to bread when it is wet and dry. I'm hoping the mold appears before we leave for vacation. I don't know if Shawn will want to look at moldy bread for 2 weeks while we are gone. :)

Shawn made his annual trip to Wisconsin to hunt with his former boss and co-workers. He had a great time even though they didn't get as many ducks as they wanted too. Shawn thought there was too much water for the ducks this year. He did decide to stay for an extra day to hunt because they didn't get any on their first day.
I'm always glad that we both have hobbies that we enjoy and we both enjoy the time we get to spend with friends. Getting away from home every once in a while always makes us appreciate each other more when we get back to our family.

The cabin with Shawn's boat trailer in the foreground. His boat is on bottom (it always amazes me that he built it himself in our basement) with his bosses boat strapped on top.

Andy, Shawn, Soffie (Dog) and some of the ducks they shot.

This was one of the places they hunted. It looks beautiful and almost makes me want to hunt...but not quite. I prefer to enjoy God's creation during the day and not at 4:00 a.m.
We've also been busy with hauling kids back and forth for school of choice, dance class, AWANA, trips to the library for more books and park visits while the weather is still wonderful out. I'm hoping to get some pictures of dance and AWANA in the next few days and post that before we leave. And some where in there I'm going to pack all our clothes and school stuff for vacation.

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