Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

We hit the trick-or-treat jackpot this year! At 5:15 we took our Halloween pictures and then headed to Bethel Church for a Halloween extravaganza.
Our night started out with free pizza and then travelled through rooms of carnival games to win candy. We heard a short talk about how a jack-o-lantern is just like us. God cleans out our "gunk" or sin, then we ask Jesus into our hearts. God wants us to be lights for the world and show others how we love him.
Finally we had a truck-or-treat. This is where you walk through a parking lot FULL of cars and everyone gives your kids candy! :) Great for the adults and little kids because you don't have to walk very far. We did hit up our street when we got home to show all the neighbors our cool costumes though.
Everyone had a great time and it was fun to experience Halloween in a new way, especially one that honors Christ.
All dressed up and ready to collect some candy!

K-man...I think his cowboy outfit is under that winter coat some where.

K-sis in the cute Care bear outfit that Nana Kristi got for us at a garage sale for $2.

K-girl in her Cowgirl attire!! Thanks to Nana Yvette for the chaps, boots and hat and Nana Kristi for the shirt that matched perfectly!!!

K-baby as my 3rd girl to wear this ladybug costume. I found this costume at the thrift store for $2! I think I may have gotten my $$$ worth out of this one and it is super cute too.

K-sis launching a frog and trying to hit a lily pad to win candy.

K-baby dropping pennies in the tank to win candy.

The K girls waiting to try out the duck pond.

K-man trying out plinko.

All our kids and 2 of our homeschool/church friends checking out their candy stash while waiting to hear about Jesus "cleaning us out" and making us a light for the world. I couldn't believe how many families we knew from different churches and activities that we saw attending.

K-baby the ladybug-cowgirl. She LOVES candy!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

No Wonder I'm so tired!

As I was looking back over our pictures for this past week and a half, I finally realized why I was so tired. We had plenty of time for work and play, but we really had a packed schedule this week. Hunting, work, school, dance classes(one of which I forgot about) 4-H, field trip, snow and pumpkin carving. I even found a few hours to work on Christmas presents, but I can't show you any pictures because it's top secret.
One of Shawn's hunting excursions. He got one goose and six ducks. I think we will have plenty of meat to eat this winter.

K-girl was all smiles when daddy said she could go hunting. They even shot a duck.

Shawn and k-man with their ducks. K-man must have come in and switched in to his p.j.s before I took this picture.

We are really lucky to have a great group of homeschooling families in our area. On Thursday we enjoyed a trip out to the Prairie Wetlands. All the kids enjoyed learning about all the different types of animals, bugs and all the areas they lived in. K-man was with the big kids group so I didn't get any pictures of him, but I did get a bunch of the girls and their group.

K-girl and K-sis using their map skills to figure out where we were going to go on our hike.

Looking at a grasshopper that our nature hike leader caught. The little boy in the red coat really likes K-sis!

K-sis showing me her leaf with spider eggs on it. They had a great time searching for just the right leaves.

All the kids loved laying on their tummies to look for stuff in the wetland.

K-girl looking for green under the brown grass.

Pretending to be a centipede like we saw on our nature walk.

For some crazy reason I decided to try freezer cooking as I cooked this week. I thought it was a great idea since I haven't had any weekends of free time lately with all the produce we have been putting up. I decided that I may have bitten off more than I could handle, but I did get a bunch of meals in the freezer.
In total, I got:
3-4 meals of meat balls
tons of twice baked potatoes
4 trays of hash browns
2 pots of chili
2 helpings of hearty hamburger stew
10 cups of pumpkin (2 cups which I made in to a pie already!)
20 breakfast burritos
8 quarts of master meat mix
I'm sure there's more, but my brain hurts to much to remember anything else.

Two more trays of potatoes baked in the oven...only 3 more 5 gallon buckets to go.

Double batch of Whole Wheat Waffles.

The skins ready for stuffing.

Twice baked potatoes ready for the freezer.

Lots of pumpkin seeds. I didn't get a picture of the finished product, but we made 2 batches of wonderful roasted seeds with a recipe from

mmmm...a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. I took pictures because mine don't always seem to turn out round and puffy. I don't know what I did right this time but they tasted and looked good.

Breakfast burritos...Shawn loves these because he can throw them in the microwave and head off to work with a hot breakfast. And they are so easy! All they contain is scrambled egg, sausage (or what ever meat I have on hand), salsa, cheese and whole wheat tortillas.

Master Meat Mix...I use this to make taco meat, spagetti and just about any other meat meal you can think of.

meat mix ready for the freezer.


Our YUMMY organic chicken, carrots, onion, garlic and potatoes from Bluebird Gardens. Their chicken tasted awesome and it didn't really need any spices because their chickens had been eating wonderful clover on their farm. I'm hoping to get more chicken from them soon.

K-sis helping me process our 4 pumpkin pie pumpkins.

I think this would have worked better if we hadn't had so many other things going on too, but I'm still glad that I have some meals ready to go for the next month.

We had our first snow of the season! The big kids were all out playing in the snow before the sun was up. It was a perfect snow for building snowmen and snow forts.
The big kids scooping the driveway.

K-baby loved the snow! I only thought she would last a few minutes outside, but 3 hours later I finally talked her in to going inside for a snack.

Our first snowmen. Even the neighbor kids came over before school to play.

K-baby trying out the sled.

We had some history projects and science experiments to do.
K-man working on his oil-paper window, just like they used in the book "The Courage of Sarah Noble."

K-sis seeing what soaks up best for science.

K-girl testing strength of different papers/fabrics after they have soaked up water.

K-man watching the water soak up in to his filter paper and drawing the ink up with it.

Finally on Saturday afternoon we finally found time to carve our pumpkins. The neighborhood's kids came over to help too.

Shawn scooping out the gunk...I don't think anyone else would touch it.

All the kids and their pumpkins on the back "porch" board. :) We haven't had time to do our porch addition yet. Notice all the dirty dog streaks on the glass window.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Husband and Hunting

I just wanted to say....I LOVE my husband!

Today he took off work (so he could duck hunt in the morning) so he help me out with the kids today. Today was our family's day to do recess and lunch duty for the School of Choice. It also happened to be picture day! Nothing like sending your hubby to school to make sure your kids' hair looks good for their pictures. :) The kids had a great time showing dad the ropes of doing school and they even got to play outside in the snow for recess. I can't believe that I sent snow clothes to school, but that's the way they do it in MN.

Shawn and his 4 mallards from his morning hunt. We won't starve this winter with all the duck meat we will be eating!
When he got home from work he took all the kids (and the neighbor's kids) on sled rides through the backyard while I dropped K-girl off at dance class and went to the library.
I also think he's wonderful because he took all four kids with him to Walmart tonight so I could have a few minutes to soak in the tub (shoveling all that snow yesterday used muscles I obviously haven't used since last winter). He's a brave man!
I'm just glad that I have such a great husband who takes care of me. I also want to try to be a better person because of him....maybe I should go clean something or start the laundry.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vacation Part 2

After spending a few days at my parent's house we headed on down to Shawn's Parent's farm. My kids always love to spend time with their grandparents and we always seem to be busy doing chores, playing with animals and visiting exciting places when we visit.

The whole reason for our trip was so K-man and Kelton could attend a NASCAR race with Nana and Papa! Boy did they have a question is: how do you top that???
K-man and cousin Kelton in front of the Jeff Gordon trailer.
Papa Bruce always plants a huge garden each spring and it always seems like we are around just in time to pick all of his pumpkins! He had LOTS this year.
K-sis and K-girl

Nana and K-baby

All the k-kids, grandparents and all the pumpkins that we picked.

K-girl showing off some of Papa's beautiful Indian corn.

I love her to pieces...dirty face and all.

K-sis and Nana shucking the corn.

Future Veterinarian??? She sure loves animals! LT is just like a huge teddy bear.

Besides doing all our chores we even managed to visit a one room school house and museum in Alva, OK while we were down for our visit. The kids love both and I must have been busy chasing K-baby around in the museum because I didn't take a single inside picture.

Nana helping K-man do some reading in the one room school house.

K-girl helping K-sis write her letters on a slate. We may have to buy some more chalk and get our school slates out that Aunt Theresa made us.

Look at all these well behaved students.

K-girl, Blackie and Nana. K-girl would have been on Blackie the entire time we visited if Nana would have let her. She loves horses!! Luckily, she hasn't asked us to buy one yet, but I think she has put in a request to Nana. :)

K-sis and her new to her boots. She was so excited when K-girl got new boots because she got to have "new" boots too!

K-baby on Blackie. She didn't want me to hold her at all, she wanted to be just like the big kids.

We even talked K-man off the tractor for a few minutes to take a horse ride. Notice his styling black socks, shorts and boots. He must get his fashion sence from his daddy.

Papa and K-man were pretty proud of their sweet potato harvest! K-man is holding the granddaddy of them all a 9 pound sweet potato. We are looking forward to tasting some of these around Thanksgiving when Bruce and Yvette come up to visit.

They even ride double. I sure wish I had a picture of Nana Yvette and Aunt Colette riding double to post on here too!

K-girl and her best horse Blackie! She is always thankful at least once a week in her prayers for Blackie's pink reins, lead rope and halter. Poor boy, hopefully he doesn't develop a complex, but my girls do love pink.

Nana bought some electric spools for the kids to paint for pretend play by the sandbox. Good think Papa has lots of work shirts for us to borrow so our clothes didn't get all pink and grey.

K-baby LOVED the bouncy horse at Nana's house! She was riding her horse, roping it or feeding it most of the time. She would even try to give Nana and Papa a heart attack by showing them her trick riding skills and hanging off the side of the horse.

After all this I feel like we might need a vacation from our vacation....good think my parents were taking us camping for a week on our way back to home. Pictures coming soon....or later.