Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

We hit the trick-or-treat jackpot this year! At 5:15 we took our Halloween pictures and then headed to Bethel Church for a Halloween extravaganza.
Our night started out with free pizza and then travelled through rooms of carnival games to win candy. We heard a short talk about how a jack-o-lantern is just like us. God cleans out our "gunk" or sin, then we ask Jesus into our hearts. God wants us to be lights for the world and show others how we love him.
Finally we had a truck-or-treat. This is where you walk through a parking lot FULL of cars and everyone gives your kids candy! :) Great for the adults and little kids because you don't have to walk very far. We did hit up our street when we got home to show all the neighbors our cool costumes though.
Everyone had a great time and it was fun to experience Halloween in a new way, especially one that honors Christ.
All dressed up and ready to collect some candy!

K-man...I think his cowboy outfit is under that winter coat some where.

K-sis in the cute Care bear outfit that Nana Kristi got for us at a garage sale for $2.

K-girl in her Cowgirl attire!! Thanks to Nana Yvette for the chaps, boots and hat and Nana Kristi for the shirt that matched perfectly!!!

K-baby as my 3rd girl to wear this ladybug costume. I found this costume at the thrift store for $2! I think I may have gotten my $$$ worth out of this one and it is super cute too.

K-sis launching a frog and trying to hit a lily pad to win candy.

K-baby dropping pennies in the tank to win candy.

The K girls waiting to try out the duck pond.

K-man trying out plinko.

All our kids and 2 of our homeschool/church friends checking out their candy stash while waiting to hear about Jesus "cleaning us out" and making us a light for the world. I couldn't believe how many families we knew from different churches and activities that we saw attending.

K-baby the ladybug-cowgirl. She LOVES candy!



  1. Looks like a fun-filled night! Love all the costumes!!!!!

  2. It's so strange that none of my comments have been showing up on you and Yvette's blogs. I left several comments on each of yours a wk or so ago, but they're not there.

    Anyway! Looks like your Halloween was fabulous! And I'm always so impressed with how frugal you are with everything! It must be something about ladybug costumes...Katie's was .99 on ebay!