Monday, October 18, 2010

Vacation Part 1

We always try to fit in lots of visits with our Kansas families as possible when we get back home. This felt like a fast and furious visit and we saw lots of family! Looking back at all the pictures, I'm not sure how we managed to fit in so many activities.

Our first stop was at my Aunt Sandi and Uncle Tim's house. Shawn and K-man dropped us girls off and took off for NASCAR.

My cousin Katey was able to come over with her son and play with us on Friday night and Saturday morning. The kids had a great time being hauled around in the garden wagon by Uncle Tim's lawnmower.
Our next stop after lunch on Saturday was to my sister-in-law Staci's parent's house. :) Candy and Bob have lots of horses so the girls had a blast! Thanks to Candy for hosting us and even giving horse rides.

K-girl sitting on the big "Blackie" at the Bob and Candy's house.

All the draft horses lined up! K-girl was in heaven...she was up on the fence petting them and trying to feed them all hay.

Staci's mom Candy, k-baby and me! Boy was it a LONG way up there. This Blackie is a little taller than Nana's Blackie.

On Saturday night we drove to Hutch and the following day was busy with a visit to the pumpkin patch, dinner at my brother's house and a sleep over with a 2nd cousin (I'm not sure what you call your cousins kids?)
K-girl, K-baby and K-sis at the pumpkin patch.

K-baby loves riding horses too and this pony "Boots" was just her size!

Kenny his newest little bundle!

K-sis, K-girl and A waiting for their train ride at the pumpkin patch. These three girls are peas in a pod and would play together all the time if we lived closer!

Our whole pumpkin patch crew minus Staci's sister who took our picture.
Adults: my mom, Staci (sister-in-law), Me and Amber (cousin's wife)
and most of our kids :) Only K-man was missing at NASCAR

After playing at the patch we went to Kenny and Staci's house in Inman and let the kids play some more.

The bouncy house in the basement at Kenny's is always a hit with all the kids. K-baby doesn't enjoy getting out!

After a good nights sleep at Nana and Papa's house the kids were all eager to help Papa Tom put out corn for the squirrels.

There's never a shortage of "Cooks" in this house!

K-girl and K-man helping Nana and Papa scour the field next door for more squirrel food. I think Papa has enough corn now to keep feeding his squirrels for a few years!

The sand box (or water tank) is always a hit.

Where else can you did a whole big enough to sit in??

K-girl driving the John Deere.

We even got to help A-man celebrate his 2nd birthday a few weeks early!

Our last activity on Monday night before leaving the next day was watching Nana play in her kickball league. It was a site to see and the kid's favorite part was watching Nana trying to catch the ball in the outfield. I even got drafted on to the team although I didn't ever make it on base.
Usually we get to spend more time at each grandparent's house, but we were only here for 2 1/2 days because we knew that my parents were going to be taking us back home in their motor home so we had to leave some extra days for camping. But we sure know how to pack in LOTS of fun in a short amount of time.

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