Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vacation Part 2

After spending a few days at my parent's house we headed on down to Shawn's Parent's farm. My kids always love to spend time with their grandparents and we always seem to be busy doing chores, playing with animals and visiting exciting places when we visit.

The whole reason for our trip was so K-man and Kelton could attend a NASCAR race with Nana and Papa! Boy did they have a question is: how do you top that???
K-man and cousin Kelton in front of the Jeff Gordon trailer.
Papa Bruce always plants a huge garden each spring and it always seems like we are around just in time to pick all of his pumpkins! He had LOTS this year.
K-sis and K-girl

Nana and K-baby

All the k-kids, grandparents and all the pumpkins that we picked.

K-girl showing off some of Papa's beautiful Indian corn.

I love her to pieces...dirty face and all.

K-sis and Nana shucking the corn.

Future Veterinarian??? She sure loves animals! LT is just like a huge teddy bear.

Besides doing all our chores we even managed to visit a one room school house and museum in Alva, OK while we were down for our visit. The kids love both and I must have been busy chasing K-baby around in the museum because I didn't take a single inside picture.

Nana helping K-man do some reading in the one room school house.

K-girl helping K-sis write her letters on a slate. We may have to buy some more chalk and get our school slates out that Aunt Theresa made us.

Look at all these well behaved students.

K-girl, Blackie and Nana. K-girl would have been on Blackie the entire time we visited if Nana would have let her. She loves horses!! Luckily, she hasn't asked us to buy one yet, but I think she has put in a request to Nana. :)

K-sis and her new to her boots. She was so excited when K-girl got new boots because she got to have "new" boots too!

K-baby on Blackie. She didn't want me to hold her at all, she wanted to be just like the big kids.

We even talked K-man off the tractor for a few minutes to take a horse ride. Notice his styling black socks, shorts and boots. He must get his fashion sence from his daddy.

Papa and K-man were pretty proud of their sweet potato harvest! K-man is holding the granddaddy of them all a 9 pound sweet potato. We are looking forward to tasting some of these around Thanksgiving when Bruce and Yvette come up to visit.

They even ride double. I sure wish I had a picture of Nana Yvette and Aunt Colette riding double to post on here too!

K-girl and her best horse Blackie! She is always thankful at least once a week in her prayers for Blackie's pink reins, lead rope and halter. Poor boy, hopefully he doesn't develop a complex, but my girls do love pink.

Nana bought some electric spools for the kids to paint for pretend play by the sandbox. Good think Papa has lots of work shirts for us to borrow so our clothes didn't get all pink and grey.

K-baby LOVED the bouncy horse at Nana's house! She was riding her horse, roping it or feeding it most of the time. She would even try to give Nana and Papa a heart attack by showing them her trick riding skills and hanging off the side of the horse.

After all this I feel like we might need a vacation from our vacation....good think my parents were taking us camping for a week on our way back to home. Pictures coming soon....or later.

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  1. Wow, we were busy!! No wonder I was so tired! Getting back to our being so crazy at the farm and at work with the roofing company...