Thursday, October 14, 2010

We survived another vacation!

We finally arrived home from another fantastic vacation to Kansas. Shawn was very happy to see us and the kids all screamed when they saw daddy driving up the driveway from work on Wednesday! And of course I ran out there too (especially since my hubby cleaned the whole house for me while I was on vacation!).

The boys had a great time at NASCAR and then the kids and I enjoyed another week and a half of visiting family. I think that we were able to make the rounds to almost all of my family this visit. We are very greatful to all our family for putting us up in their homes and traveling to come and see us!! We love to see you when we visit.

  • We stayed with my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Tim. The kids had a great time playing with Ethan while I visited with my cousin Katey.
  • We saw Kenny, Staci and their kiddos for a few days while staying in Hutch. The kids had a great time at the pumpkin patch.
  • I didn't get to see my cousin Keith since he was a officer's boot camp, but we did had a sleepover and played with Amber and the kids.
  • We stayed at Shawn's parents house for almost a week and the kids had a fantastic time "working" on the farm. I'm suprised that K-man even came home. :) He loved being with Papa.
  • We even managed to stay the night at Grandpa Bo's house and fit in a visit with 3 of my Uncle's families and even saw my Cousin Mark's family for a playdate at the park!

If we missed you this trip, we hope to catch up with you around Christmas time!

I'm too tired from unpacking to post any vacation photos, but here is the picture of produce (and ducks) that Shawn picked at our CSA share day at the farm. He was such a wonderful man to take time off from hunting to pick veggies for me and he even washed them!

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  1. Miss you all and looking forward to seeing some pictures from the farm :) Glad your trip went great....