Tuesday, November 30, 2010


There are so many things for us to be thankful of this year! That is a God this for sure.

Plenty of food at our table! I didn't manage to snag a picture of everyone sitting down, I'm sure I must have been too busy passing the green beans or putting honey on someone's roll.

  • I am most thankful for two of my children's decision to follow Christ. It is amazing to be there while they make these life choices and watch them grow.

  • I'm also thankful for our families who bless us more than they could possibly know.

  • The freedoms in our country to worship God and to homeschool our children are something I cherish everyday.

  • We are also thankful for Shawn's job, which he loves, that allows him to be with us without having to drive 2 hours each day.

  • Our new friends and wonderful church community that we have found in our new home town.

We've had LOTS going on this month and I haven't found anytime for blogging. I'd take pictures of us doing laundry or cleaning up our toys, but you probably wouldn't enjoy that much. :)

The kids were so excited that Nana and Papa were able to make it up in time to attend their special Thanksgiving Festival at school. They did a great job singing with their class and we even enjoyed some great First Thanksgiving Day food.

All the pilgims and one indian enjoying food.


K-girl and Daddy.

Papa and K-baby.

K-sis helping her sister get some papers organized.

All my blessings!

K-man and K-girl are in the front row towards the right.

The kid's school of choice class getting ready to sing. I have always been drawn to multi-age classrooms and family settings, I did my student teaching in a 3rd-5th grade classroom and enjoyed everything about it. My kids love having class with all these brothers and sisters. They have 24 kids and 2 teachers in their class from kindergarten to 6th grade. I love watching the big kids come and help out the little ones. :)

K-sis at her 1st birthday party of the season with Nana and Papa Papon. She is having another party on Saturday with a few guests. She is totally excited about being 4!

The whole crew posing in front of the Christmas tree! We were so glad that Bruce and Yvette could drive all the way up to spend some time with us and the kids. We kept everyone on their toes the whole time. Papa did some home improvement, the girls did some sewing and we even went bowling.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vacation Part 3

On the 3rd part of vacation in October we got to travel with my parents and do some camping on our way back home. My kids are really blessed with great grandparents who are willing to really love and spoil them. I'm very thankful to my parents for planning out this trip so we could come back to KS and visit family. Hopefully, next time it won't take me so long to get the pictures posted on the blog.
Our first stop was in Lincoln were we got to see my Grandpa and 2 of my Uncles and their families. We enjoyed a great picnic at the park and then dinner at my Grandpa's house. I'm glad that Lincoln is on our way home so we can make this stop more often.
Our next stop was in South Dakota right along the river. We saw lots of beautiful scenery and explored some new places. Everyone had a blast and the kids are already planning where they want to go next!
Picture of the whole family we took while on one of our many hikes around Maplewood State Park.

My parents, Shawn and the kids at the beach.

Our camping spot in South Dakota. We had the whole campground to ourselves and the perfect spot right next to the playground.

My mom preparing one of many meals we ate in my parent's motorhome. She has even mastered freezer cooking to cut down on some of the prep work while camping.

The kids loved the campfire and roasting marshmallows.

My dad and the kids on the dock. It was too cold for swimming, but the kids had a great time throwing rocks in the water.

A Homeschool Moment!! K-man explaining to K-girl how a waterfall forms with erosion of soft rock. :)

The girls hiking up the trail. They all knew that daddy would love the prairie best.

The view from our campsite in MN to the lake. It was a great site for soccer, baseball and even a kickball game. We will definitely be back to this state park next summer, it is only 30 minutes from our house.

Nana giving tips on the proper way to climb trees.

K-man is a total outdoors kid! He loved every minute of camping, but I think tending the camp fire with Papa was his favorite thing.

The kids (and adults) enjoyed biking around the campground.

Have I caught anything yet??? K-baby fishing with some rope. I was standing behind her most of the time to keep her on the dock.

My mom always manages to keep the kids busy. She brought along some crafts for the kids to work on.

Shawn and K-baby hiking around the lake.

My parents, my crew and me. What a beautiful park.

All the girls riding high!

It seems like all the towns in our area have large animal statues and of course we are trying to take a picture in front of each one. This was the Pelican from Pelican Rapids which was near the state park were we camped.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Before They Are Gone

As we fly through these busy days we try to keep in mind that some day these chairs full of beautiful smiles....

.....will be empty.
Which reminds us to make the most of each day! We try to remember that our children are with us for only a short time.
I am so glad that we have an opportunity to be with our children each day and show them our love and more importantly God's love too.
2 Timonty 3:14-15 But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it, and how from infancy you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.
One of the most important things that we try to find time for is reading God's Word each day. I try to spend time reading the bible each morning before the kids get up and it always seems to make such a difference in how my day goes. Trust me, it's hard to yell at my kids right after you have read in the bible about being patient. :)
K-man has been keeping me on my toes too. I printed us both a read through the bible checklist and he is always checking with me to see who has read more chapters. So far he has read 9 books of the bible and I couldn't be happier than when I see him choosing to read his bible all on his own.
We also know how trusting in Jesus as our Savior is the most important thing that our children can learn in life. We are so excited to share with you that both of our girls K-girl and K-sis have invited Jesus into their hearts this year.