Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Day in Hawaii

Ohhhh, don't we all wish we were in Hawaii doing the hula right now!! I think we are supposed to get 8-10 inches of snow today and tomorrow. Luckily, we we could think plenty of warm thoughts while watching K-girl do her practice dance for her Dance and Dessert Concert which she will perform in Sunday.

Our little hula dancer.

K-girl and her dance partner before starting the dance.

K-girl's class. She has 10 other kindergartners in her class and of course she is the smallest one (and cutest). K-girl is 3rd from the left.

dancing the hula...k-girl 3rd from left.

K-girl was so brave, she was the front dancer in the line and remembered her moves like a pro.

The ending pose, K-girl is in front second from the left.

The bow at the end. Again she is 3rd from the left.

Posing with her class before the dance. She is 2nd from the left.

K-girl did a fantastic job. I didn't really think she would happily get up on stage to dance, but she marched right up there and had a great time. I'm hoping she will smile a little bit more for the show.
This movie was of their first practice on stage and her dress was a little bit too big so she had to keep adjusting it. I also had to clip out a little part in the middle where she was squatting with her legs open :) we will be working on a different move and keeping our knees together before the show.


  1. What a great little dancer! Tell Karolyn we are so proud of her!! Hopefully she can show us the dance live when we're together for xmas!

  2. I'm so proud of her for doing the dance and being in the very front had to be hard and scary. Very nice!!!See you all in a week!! :)