Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How They Grow - K-man

My mom is working on a little something special for Christmas this year and I had to search back through my highly organized photos to find pictures for her.

Okay, so they weren't very organized (or even on the computer because we have updated a few times since little k-man came along), but I did enjoy looking back over the years. At least we had bought a digital camera right before K-man was born so I didn't have to dig out my "real" photo albums or negatives. :)

2003 - 9 months

2004 - 19 months

2005 - 2 yrs

2006 - 3 yrs

2007 - 4 yrs

2008 - 5 yrs

2009 - 6 yrs
2010 7 yrs


  1. I wish I would have known Kolsen as a tiny babe, it looks like he had the yummiest cheeks ever! He's such a handsome young man now!

  2. I still remember when our first grandchild was born! Your mom and I were so excited - poor nurses who had to deal with us ! What a blessing he has been and a great example for all the K-Kids....