Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How They Grow - K-sis

K-sis was our first Christmas baby! She came a week late, but was well worth the wait. She brightens everyday of our lives with her smiles, laughing and dancing. She is definitely going to be my girly-girl, she loves tutus, leotards and wearing dresses.

2006 - 19 days old

2007 - 1 year

2008 - 2 yrs

2009 - 3 yrs

2010 - 4 yrs and 2 days old


  1. I remember getting to hold Kaylee when she was just a couple weeks old! She is so gorgeous!

  2. K-Sis has been such a delight - and remember K-Girl holding her in the hospital and staring at her little sis! Lee is truly a girly girl and loves her princess stuff and accessories. Keep your eyes on that one.....