Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ski Resort

So we're thinking we have the makings of a ski resort in our front yard. The kids already have a couple of sled runs going down different sides of Mt. Papon. With a few more months of snow on top I'm sure we will be attracting people from all up and down our street.

Discount lodging and food packages available for all those staying at Hotel Papon this winter. ;)

Shawn and the 3 K girls on top of the snow mountain and K-man at the bottom. The pile is actually taller than Shawn when he stands in our driveway. Crazy!
We just spent 2 weeks in KS visiting relatives and saying "Oh, 30 degrees feels so warm!" Now we are outside playing in the -10 to 10 degree weather. I'm wondering if MN moms have a certain standard for letting their kids outside? Mine were all begging to be out shoveling in -10 the morning after we got back from vacation.


  1. That mountain of snow is just CRAZY!! I would beg to stay IN the house!! Oh well, I guess we all like doing different things!! Stay WARM!! (if that is possible) :)

  2. If that was in my front yard, I'm not sure I'd even open my blinds! LOL And I'm talking about the snow, not the adorable children! LOL