Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back home to WI

I can hardly believe that in a few more months we will have lived in Minnesota for 2 whole years. It seems like we just moved here a few months ago. We LOVE Fergus Falls, but we truly miss our Wisconsin family. In the seven years we lived in Wisconsin we developed some wonderful friends who we miss like crazy!

This past weekend we made the 8 hour drive back to stay with my best friend Heather and her family. Not only do Heather and I enjoy crafting, talking, walking, freezer cooking and just about everything else together, our kids all get along with each and love to play. Heather and I planned a weekend of crafting while our wonderful husbands volunteered (were coerced) in to take care of the kids.

Besides crafting we were also able find some time to eat at Pizza ranch with the family I used to babysit for and some friends from church. We also went back to Edgewood and attended a worship service. We saw lots of friends and wished we would have had more time to spend visiting with everyone!!!

K-man and Heather's youngest boy A holding their Pizza Ranch tickets!

K-sis, K-baby and C (the girl I used to babysit for and miss like crazy.) I feel like I had to leave one of my children behind when we moved. If I could have moved her family with us to MN I sure would have. My kids still talk about C all the time. The girls loved playing with C at the Pizza Ranch game room and hopefully next time we will have more time to play.

K-baby (I mean daddy) playing ski ball.

Most of our Pizza Ranch crew. I think I missed a few that were still picking out their prizes. The kids had a blast and the adults even got a few minutes to chat.

While Heather and I planned a whole day of crafting on Saturday our brave husbands took all 6 kids to the children's museum in Appleton and McDonald's Playland. My kids love that museum and I was so thankful for the time to spend with Heather creating new things for our homes while catching up.

K-man in the water room.

D, K-girl and A in the water room

My 2 youngest fire fighters. K-sis and K-baby.

My K crew at the museum.

Look at all that grass!!! The kids got to go back to our old park to play since the weather was so nice out on Saturday. Sunday they got around 9 more inches of snow so all that beautiful, brown grass was buried again.

The girls standing in front of our old house. They haven't changed anything on the outside.

Even going to bed was fun at Heather's house. The kids all loved bunking out together in the playroom.

Heather and I with all our crafts. Usually we make tons of cards, but this time we had more time consuming projects made up. I loved how our Fruits of the Spirit wall plaques turned out. We also made memory verse boxes, a fold out photo album and a recipe binder. I'll have to take better pictures of the projects and post them later. We had lots of fun and could have kept going for a few more days, but our husbands may not have survived. ;) Have I mentioned how AWESOME our husbands are???

Heather and I.
I really miss you lots!! Heather is definitely a friend I will have for life and neither time nor distance will diminish our friendship! I am so blessed to have a wonderful friend like you in my life and I hope that I can share the joy that you have shared with me with my new friends I make in MN. Our home will always be open to your wonderful family.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Weekend!

We had a crazy, busy weekend packed full of lots of work and fun. Of course we spent lots of time picking up and cleaning on Friday for our Super Bowl Party that we hosted on Sunday.

Saturday we managed to find time to do some dancing.

I had lots of help cooking for the party.

Plus, one of our new favorite winter activities is cross country skiing. Luckily, I had some gear from my parents, Shawn borrowed some from a co-worker and kids under 12 get free rentals from Spidahls. This will definitely be one of our favorite family winter activities. :)
The kids all had a fabulous time. The three big kids all got skis and were off and running in no time. Shawn did a great job and must have worked the hardest because he is still sore. He really was there, but for some reason he took all the pictures and I didn't get any of him. Next time!
All the kids and mom. K-baby is in the fancy pull behind sled, which worked great. She was warm the whole time and could eat while she sat. What could be better?

K-sis loved skiing and was most comfortable when someone was skiing right next to her. She only fell down a few times and was even managing to get back up by herself at the end. She loved the big hill (gentle slop) the best.

K-girl, mom and K-baby.
Most of the time I pulled K-baby in the sled which worked out great. Then she wanted out so I put her in my hiking backpack which was a little harder to balance with. Next time I'll bring more snacks for her to enjoy while she is "skiing" in the sled. She really wanted to do what the rest of us were doing, so I'm sure next year she will be right there in the middle of the action.

K-man was a pro! We stayed even longer after dad took the girls home and did another 2 mile course with some friends. He was great at going up and down the hills and could almost keep up with the adults. A few more times and he will probably be out skiing me.
As I mentioned earlier, we also hosted this years Super Bowl party for our bible study group and the group that split from ours. We learned that our house can comfortably fit at least 36 people/kids in it at the same time, so we are hoping to host more events in the future. We had a fabulous time chatting with everyone, watching the commercials, eating food and I even caught some of the game.
We were hoping to go downhill skiing with our homeschool group tomorrow, but we are supposed to have wind chills in the -30s and -40s so we had to cancel. The kids are excited that the group decided to have school tomorrow instead. We will definitely be hoping for warmer weather for our annual ski trip sometime before winter ends.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The ANSWER for homeschooling with a toddler!

I have found the one thing every homeschooling mom should know about. This is how you can keep your toddler busy for hours on end!

All you need are some crayons, old or new it doesn't matter.

She doesn't actually color with crayons only peels them.