Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back home to WI

I can hardly believe that in a few more months we will have lived in Minnesota for 2 whole years. It seems like we just moved here a few months ago. We LOVE Fergus Falls, but we truly miss our Wisconsin family. In the seven years we lived in Wisconsin we developed some wonderful friends who we miss like crazy!

This past weekend we made the 8 hour drive back to stay with my best friend Heather and her family. Not only do Heather and I enjoy crafting, talking, walking, freezer cooking and just about everything else together, our kids all get along with each and love to play. Heather and I planned a weekend of crafting while our wonderful husbands volunteered (were coerced) in to take care of the kids.

Besides crafting we were also able find some time to eat at Pizza ranch with the family I used to babysit for and some friends from church. We also went back to Edgewood and attended a worship service. We saw lots of friends and wished we would have had more time to spend visiting with everyone!!!

K-man and Heather's youngest boy A holding their Pizza Ranch tickets!

K-sis, K-baby and C (the girl I used to babysit for and miss like crazy.) I feel like I had to leave one of my children behind when we moved. If I could have moved her family with us to MN I sure would have. My kids still talk about C all the time. The girls loved playing with C at the Pizza Ranch game room and hopefully next time we will have more time to play.

K-baby (I mean daddy) playing ski ball.

Most of our Pizza Ranch crew. I think I missed a few that were still picking out their prizes. The kids had a blast and the adults even got a few minutes to chat.

While Heather and I planned a whole day of crafting on Saturday our brave husbands took all 6 kids to the children's museum in Appleton and McDonald's Playland. My kids love that museum and I was so thankful for the time to spend with Heather creating new things for our homes while catching up.

K-man in the water room.

D, K-girl and A in the water room

My 2 youngest fire fighters. K-sis and K-baby.

My K crew at the museum.

Look at all that grass!!! The kids got to go back to our old park to play since the weather was so nice out on Saturday. Sunday they got around 9 more inches of snow so all that beautiful, brown grass was buried again.

The girls standing in front of our old house. They haven't changed anything on the outside.

Even going to bed was fun at Heather's house. The kids all loved bunking out together in the playroom.

Heather and I with all our crafts. Usually we make tons of cards, but this time we had more time consuming projects made up. I loved how our Fruits of the Spirit wall plaques turned out. We also made memory verse boxes, a fold out photo album and a recipe binder. I'll have to take better pictures of the projects and post them later. We had lots of fun and could have kept going for a few more days, but our husbands may not have survived. ;) Have I mentioned how AWESOME our husbands are???

Heather and I.
I really miss you lots!! Heather is definitely a friend I will have for life and neither time nor distance will diminish our friendship! I am so blessed to have a wonderful friend like you in my life and I hope that I can share the joy that you have shared with me with my new friends I make in MN. Our home will always be open to your wonderful family.


  1. We too had a wonderful time with you! Your family is never far from our hearts. We may not get to see each other weekly, but when we talk on the phone or see each other it is as though no time has passed. Things will never change between us, even though the distance has. You and your family hold a special place in our hearts and in our family. We miss you but know you will always be there.

    I also very much enjoyed our fun time together and yes, we are blessed by amazing husbands who give us the opportunity to catch up and 'play' together. I will think of you each time I see the Fruits of the Spirit plaques we did, memorize a verse or pull out my new recipe book. Of course I already think of you every time I craft, freezer cook, go for walks....I could go on, but it's really all the time!

    Come back often and stay long. We love you guys!

  2. What a fun little trip! 8 hrs probably felt like nothing compared to traveling back to KS! Glad you had such a great time with your friend!

  3. Friends are the best!! Stay connected always... Don't know what I would have done all these years without my best friends....