Saturday, March 19, 2011

Double Surprise

Surprise!!! My parents decided to drive straight through on their trip up to see us. My kids didn't know they were coming so it was a big surprise when they woke up in the morning and saw them. :)

It also surprised Abby who barked at my mom when she saw her in the kitchen and woke everyone up at 7:00. At least I know she will bark at strangers in the house, but she backed up behind me so fast I don't think protecting me was on her mind.

Nana and Papa got to help us with lunch and recess duty at school.

We had a warm front this week and weather was in the 40s so we played outside a lot. Our snow melted LOTS this week, but it is still hard to tell in the front yard.

The kids built a marshmallow shooter with Nana.

Our second surprise for the weekend was surprising Shawn at the airport in Fargo after his week of training in Virginia this week. Of course we had to do a few fun things before we hit up the airport.
The kids were excited to stop and take their picture next to Thomas Jefferson since we are learning about him in US history this year. Our Scheels store has statues of presidents outside the front of the store. We can spend hours at Scheels without actually buying anything.

K-girl and Papa on the ferris wheel at Scheels.

Nana and K-man on the ferris wheel.
K-man talked Nana in to taking him on the NASCAR ride at Scheels. They got fifth place out of twenty in their race. Go NANA!
The Scheels also has an indoor play place, a place to eat, shooting gallery for kids, and a few other games so it is a great place to go especially in the winter.

Nana and the k-kids at the children's museum. Papa and K-baby took a nap and read a book while we wore the other kids out at the museum. This isn't the nicest museum we've been to, but the kids have fun.

The kids all made signs for daddy to see at the airport.

He FINALLY made it home and he was totally surprised! Boy did we miss him.


  1. Looks like daddy was glad to be home!! Glad the snow is finally melting... watch out for flooding now!

  2. Isn't this the 2nd time your parents have managed to surprise the kids! That is so great! Looks like you guys certainly kept busy during their visit!

    And that's so sweet to surprise Shawn at the airport! It's so hard to have Daddy gone!