Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gymnastics Mania!

My two oldest girls love gymnastics and we are very lucky to have a great gymnastics group here in town. Both girls are in their second year of class and they have really improved this year. K-girl is so excited to be moving up the the intermediates class next time.

Leotards and tumbling are a common site at our house! Usually I have to get everyone dressed in "day clothes" if we plan on leaving the house because leotards are the clothing of choice.


  1. Wow, Awesome! Nothing else to say, made me cry, love the music. I can't believe how much they have both improved - especially K-cowgirl.... thanks for posting. :)

  2. Katie's finally old enough to take tumbling at our rec center. Kgirl and Ksis can teach her their moves next time we're together!