Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is is Christmas again?

Nope, just birthdays, round 2. Thanks to both sets of grandparents and the Uncle Ken and Aunt Staci for all the gifts. (We traded gifts with the K-cousins at Christmas time since all their b-days are so close together.)

Look at all those presents! Happy 8th for K-man and 6th for K-girl.


K-girl and her doll Lily Anna. They got a new horse that has traveled from room to room with them since it was unpacked. Everything she opened was art or horse themed. She also loved the horse from Ken and Staci which she declared a baby foal horse.

K-girl's birthday snack, dirt and worms that she made with Nana K and K-sis.

K-sis even managed to find a gift in the pile for her. She loves her new clip-on earings and crown.

K-baby has been busy pushing around all her babies in her new double (or is that a quad) stroller. She is going to be a great mom of many. :)

This should burn off some energy! Thanks Nana and Papa Cook! I'm thinking this will be P.E. class for the littles while I'm doing school with the big kids.

K-girl's new quilt from Nana Kristi.

K-sis's new quilt from Nana Kristi. This girl loves anything PINK.


  1. You are right - looks like Christmas all over again! fun times.

  2. Do you sometimes wish bdays were midway through the year instead of so close to xmas? I sure do! The bounce house looks FUN! We're hoping Santa might bring us one this year. Tell your mom the quilts look amazing! She does such great work!