Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Takin' it easy

See we're just sleeping the day away! Maybe not all of us, but K-baby is enjoying her nap time in her sister's big girl bed.
And that would be the reason that the rest of us have been busily working away on a new project. We've put the bathroom on hold for this week and started working on a new bed for K-man's room. K-man has been sleeping on the white trundle bed that I had when I was a little girl, but we don't call it a girl bed and he doesn't know the difference, yet. Our money philosophy is that when you have something that works you don't spend money on something else. Sometimes this is really hard for me, especially since I would love to have all new bathroom towels. But, now that K-baby is in need of a new big girl bed we have some big plans in the works.

Our first step of the plan is to get K-man a new bed. After looking around at tons of stores and websites at all the low quality furniture for expensive prices we decided to make our own bed out of "real" wood. My good friend Tanya who makes wonderful kids boutique clothes had blogged about a wonderful site by Anna White. Anna's website is all about furniture from stores like Pottery Barn, but how to make it on your own for WAY less.

There were lots of plans to choose from on the Anna White website (and I have more projects I want to do in the future!), but we decided to follow this simple twin bed plan. We got a good start on it this weekend. Shawn bought all the wood and got it cut on Sunday and then we have been working on it in the evenings. I'm thinking that we will have it done this weekend and then the real work will begin. K-man is our resident construction helper and can do just about anything you want him too. His future wife is going to love him.

My wonderful, multi-tasking hubby who took a break from the bathroom construction to build this bed for K-man. He is totally a start one task and finish it to the end type person (and I'm not) so I was very proud of his easy going ability to leave one project and start another. :) Love ya honey!

I even got in on the action and did much of the sanding as you can tell by how dirty my winter coat is. You'll have to excuse the mess in the garage, but it's too cold to spring clean outside still.
I can't wait to share the final pictures with you!! Hopefully we will be done in a few more days, but tonight we have bible study, tomorrow night AWANAS, and Thursday night Shawn has dog obedience training so it is going to be slow going.


  1. How GREAT!!! And you know it won't fall apart!

  2. I LOVE the bed! Can't wait to see the finished project....K-man is taking after Daddy with all his building Know-How! And K-baby is growing up - going to have her own big girl bed :) Blackie misses K-Girl:(

  3. Very cool! I'll have to check out that site when Katie is ready for a new bed, but I'm hoping that'll be a couple years yet! Gotta love how handy those Papon men are!