Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birthday Fun

A little cake,

a little time doing school,

a little laundry fun,

a little vase of flowers from the Mulvane Papons,

a little bit of soccer (k-girl is in pink),

and a little bit of time spent with my hubby at bible study.

What else could a girl need?

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter!

We are always excited when Easter season rolls around each year. We love everything about Easter; learning about Jesus, celebrating the different parts of the holiday, eggs and even the Easter bunny.

The hardest part for me is balancing out the true reason of Easter with all of the "fun" stuff. This year we spent two week focusing on Easter during school time. I bought a lapbook through Hands of a Child and found some internet activities for the three oldest k-kids to do. The kids enjoyed completing all the activities and reviewing all the parts of the Easter story in the Bible. This added some extra work to our homeschool day, but this kids love all the hands-on stuff.

K-girl's lapbook cover.

Some of K-man's activities in his lapbook.

Another view of K-man's lapbook.

The balancing contiues with including some of the "fun" stuff. The kids love knowing that the Easter Bunny comes and leaves them presents and eggs filled with goodies in the yard.

Some of the stuff the Easter Bunny brought this year. He always brings each of the k-kids a new sand bucket filled with things that are fun (and that they need). Plus Nana and Papa Cook also sent Target gift cards to add to the gift baskets.

We are also trying to balance out the candy with trying to eat healthy. Check out some of these cool snacks that the Easter bunny is slipping into the eggs. Some yummy organic snacks.

Don't worry, the bunny is also bringing plenty of candy too! We may be on a sugar high for months with yesterdays Easter egg hunt and todays hunt.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and remember...

He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We Are Blessed!

Thank goodness for the pony express (or the postal service). We got a bunch of boxes this week to help us celebrate Easter and we are very thankful for all the fun new things that we got this week.

Nana Yvette sent the K-kids a big box of clothes, candy and crafts. Somehow it all got put away and I didn't get pictures of the box, but I did manage to get some pictures of the kids using their new paint supplies.




We did this while K-baby was sleeping!

My mom sent me a beautiful bag to use at church. I love the fabric and it has lots of pockets which will work great for all the stuff we accumulate and use during church.

Yvette sent me a new shirt, which I love! She also sent some stamping stuff to keep me busy for a while. Now I just need to find the time and space to use it.

Aunt Theresa sent us some reusable sandwich bags and hair barrettes for Easter. They are super cute and I especially love that you can use them again and again. I can't wait to try and make some more now that I have some on hand. I also got a lovely box of chocolate in the mail for my birthday which I hid from my kids, but since they got all their Easter candy I don't know that I needed to worry about it.

I finished up the girls' jeans late last night and they turned out great.

Our church's youth group blesses local church families each Easter with an Easter egg hunt at their own house and a basket full of goodies. We were very blessed to be one of the families that they visited this year. The kids loved finding all the eggs and reading the verses inside (along with eating plenty of candy!). They also gave us some wonderful gift cards for businesses in town and a basket full of toys. My kids are already asking when we can go give some other kids an egg hunt. This was definitely a reminder of how blessings and the spirit of giving can be passed along.

Bible Verse from the Easter Eggs.

K-sis with her loot.

A few youth from our church and the youth pastor's family.

On a side note, I find it so amazing that someone who went to the same high school I attended in KS ended up being the Youth Pastor of the church that I now attend in MN. It's a small world for sure.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A really good deal, made better.

So my sister-in-law, Theresa always lets me know when there a good coupons that I need to print. Last month she told me about the $1 coupon good for any Circo clothes at Target, so right away I printed my limit. I love Target clothes when I can get them on sale. When I went in to my local Target they had a whole rack of these cute girls jeans on sale for $2 each. So I got 4 pairs of cute jeans for $4! That's amazing. (I have 2 computers and can print 2 on each one.) They were cute, but I thought they needed a little something extra so I added some cute ruffles to the bottom using some the batik fabric that I had in my stash.
From boring jeans to cute botique for free!

  • All that I did was cut 4 - 1 1/2 inch strips the width of fabric (about 42 inches).

  • I used my serger to serge all four edges and then did a long stitch down the middle of the fabric to gather it together.

  • After gathering the ruffles to the right length, I used LOTS of pins to hold the fabric in place and stitched down the middle of the strips over the gathering stitch.

I'm excited to see my girls wear their new jeans when I get them done (and one for another K girl cousin too). Only 3 more pairs to go. We should be able to wear them a lot since our weather up here has been pretty cool lately.

When I posted the cute picture of my three girls in their new ruffle pants, my wonderful cousin Anne said she loved them and asked me to make some for her little girl Samantha. I'm sending the package off on Monday and I think they turned out pretty cute. Hopefully they will fit perfectly!
K-girl trying on the pants...Samantha is a lot taller so they were a little bit long.

One more view of the ruffle pants. I love this pattern, but it does take a while to make.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Cowgirl

She's not happy unless she's in her cowgirl shirt and boots!

This is her new cowgirl shirt that she got from Nana and Papa Papon. I think she's worn it quite a few times, but I don't think it has made it through the wash very often.

Her new mud boots from Papa Tom. She wears these EVERYWHERE! Or she has on her cowgirl boots.
Thanks to all the Nanas and Papas for supporting K-girl's cowgirl habit.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Creating New Things

I've always been a crafty person. I haven't found a craft or building activity that I haven't liked and I'm always willing to learn something new. When I can involve our whole family in something that makes it even more fun. We've been busy and I've posted a few pictures from the things we created the past few weeks. I should also go find the creations the kids made with all of K-man's tools and scrap wood, but that's a whole different post. I started some cute pants while my mother was here and I finally got them finished last night! Now I just have to get one more matching shirt for K-baby to wear and they will be ready for church.
All the girly girls in their new pants.

K-girl snowing off her pants.



I also started a new hobby in my free time. My friend Melissa taught me how to crochet one day while our little kids were playing together and the big kids were at 4-H. She did a great job showing me what to do, and hopefully I will improve with lots of practice. I'm glad that I've met some wonderful people in MN and Melissa is definitely one of those.

Melissa- Thanks for the hook, thread and pattern to get me started!
My first crochet project. Don't look too close because I kept forgetting what row I was on and I couldn't tell the difference between row 2 and 3. Oh well, I definitely won't be starting any complicated dress projects like my friend Gretchen, but I figured it didn't have to be perfect to wash dishes.

At least I know it makes a good peek-a-boo toy.
Over the past two weekends we have been busy building K-man a new bed and we are very pleased with the results. K-man loves it, we had fun together as a family building and it cost us way less than if we would have gone to the store and bought a bed made with real wood.
K-man is always ready to help with any project we do. He can use more tools than I can!
Shawn with the headboard assembled and ready for staining.

All the helpers, helping daddy assemble the bed after it was stained. Notice all our wonderful snow! We did this part of the project in the driveway because it was sunny and we were hoping the stain would dry faster since it was only in the mid 30s.
The finished project!

Now we just have to finish up our bathroom project and paint all the bedrooms. I'm sure I'll keep Shawn and the kids busy all summer long.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Some pictures for the cousins

So we keep hearing rumors about places that are having weather in the 70s and 80s. We keep seeing pictures of the people on their blogs in t-shirts. I wish we were there! Boy are we ready for Spring. I though the K-cousins (and other cousins too) would enjoy seeing the MN K-kids playing outside. ;)
K-baby and Daddy. This is where our snow is the deepest.

K-girl making snow cakes in the playhouse. I keep thinking I'm going to wash her coat, but I'm sure if I did wash it that would guaranty a big snow fall.
K-baby is going to be a swinging girl this summer.

K-girl, K-man and K-baby. K-sis was inside napping.

K-baby showing off her swinging skills.