Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birthday Fun

A little cake,

a little time doing school,

a little laundry fun,

a little vase of flowers from the Mulvane Papons,

a little bit of soccer (k-girl is in pink),

and a little bit of time spent with my hubby at bible study.

What else could a girl need?


  1. Was it your birthday today, Carrie? I'm so sorry I didn't know! Here we were all busy today getting projects organized -- just what you want to do on your birthday, right?! Well, happy birthday! To be 34 again!! Let's see, back then my kids were 2, 4 and 7 -- boy time flies. Enjoy these years. I love seeing your pictures and all the fun things you do with your kids. You're a great mom! Hope this coming year will be your best year yet. :)

  2. Fun birthday, beautiful flowers, needed a bigger cake, fantastic kids, and wonderful mom (oh and a loving husband).....

  3. I missed this post! Happy Belated Birthday Carrie!!