Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Creating New Things

I've always been a crafty person. I haven't found a craft or building activity that I haven't liked and I'm always willing to learn something new. When I can involve our whole family in something that makes it even more fun. We've been busy and I've posted a few pictures from the things we created the past few weeks. I should also go find the creations the kids made with all of K-man's tools and scrap wood, but that's a whole different post. I started some cute pants while my mother was here and I finally got them finished last night! Now I just have to get one more matching shirt for K-baby to wear and they will be ready for church.
All the girly girls in their new pants.

K-girl snowing off her pants.



I also started a new hobby in my free time. My friend Melissa taught me how to crochet one day while our little kids were playing together and the big kids were at 4-H. She did a great job showing me what to do, and hopefully I will improve with lots of practice. I'm glad that I've met some wonderful people in MN and Melissa is definitely one of those.

Melissa- Thanks for the hook, thread and pattern to get me started!
My first crochet project. Don't look too close because I kept forgetting what row I was on and I couldn't tell the difference between row 2 and 3. Oh well, I definitely won't be starting any complicated dress projects like my friend Gretchen, but I figured it didn't have to be perfect to wash dishes.

At least I know it makes a good peek-a-boo toy.
Over the past two weekends we have been busy building K-man a new bed and we are very pleased with the results. K-man loves it, we had fun together as a family building and it cost us way less than if we would have gone to the store and bought a bed made with real wood.
K-man is always ready to help with any project we do. He can use more tools than I can!
Shawn with the headboard assembled and ready for staining.

All the helpers, helping daddy assemble the bed after it was stained. Notice all our wonderful snow! We did this part of the project in the driveway because it was sunny and we were hoping the stain would dry faster since it was only in the mid 30s.
The finished project!

Now we just have to finish up our bathroom project and paint all the bedrooms. I'm sure I'll keep Shawn and the kids busy all summer long.


  1. You guys are all so crafty - I love it!!

  2. Your pants turned out awesome! Don't feel bad about your crochet - Mom tried to teach me and I wasn't the best student.... I'm sure you are a lot more attentive than I. Can't believe how K-Baby is changing! She is growing up! Shawn and K-Man have a lot of memories also in that beautiful bed! Priceless...

  3. LOVE IT!!! Your dishcloth turned out really well--especially for the first one! GREAT JOB!! Considering the tutorial was accomplished with five kids four and under, I'd say we did VERY well.
    I love the girls' pants!!!
    And K's bed! It's GORGEOUS.

  4. Learning to crochet is on my 30yr list. I have a "learn to" kit, I'm just waiting to find the time. Maybe you can teach me!