Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter!

We are always excited when Easter season rolls around each year. We love everything about Easter; learning about Jesus, celebrating the different parts of the holiday, eggs and even the Easter bunny.

The hardest part for me is balancing out the true reason of Easter with all of the "fun" stuff. This year we spent two week focusing on Easter during school time. I bought a lapbook through Hands of a Child and found some internet activities for the three oldest k-kids to do. The kids enjoyed completing all the activities and reviewing all the parts of the Easter story in the Bible. This added some extra work to our homeschool day, but this kids love all the hands-on stuff.

K-girl's lapbook cover.

Some of K-man's activities in his lapbook.

Another view of K-man's lapbook.

The balancing contiues with including some of the "fun" stuff. The kids love knowing that the Easter Bunny comes and leaves them presents and eggs filled with goodies in the yard.

Some of the stuff the Easter Bunny brought this year. He always brings each of the k-kids a new sand bucket filled with things that are fun (and that they need). Plus Nana and Papa Cook also sent Target gift cards to add to the gift baskets.

We are also trying to balance out the candy with trying to eat healthy. Check out some of these cool snacks that the Easter bunny is slipping into the eggs. Some yummy organic snacks.

Don't worry, the bunny is also bringing plenty of candy too! We may be on a sugar high for months with yesterdays Easter egg hunt and todays hunt.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and remember...

He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!


  1. I always love the lap books! All that information in one place - organized and easy to find! Great ideas!!

  2. Looks like Easter is properly celebrated at your house!