Sunday, April 17, 2011

A really good deal, made better.

So my sister-in-law, Theresa always lets me know when there a good coupons that I need to print. Last month she told me about the $1 coupon good for any Circo clothes at Target, so right away I printed my limit. I love Target clothes when I can get them on sale. When I went in to my local Target they had a whole rack of these cute girls jeans on sale for $2 each. So I got 4 pairs of cute jeans for $4! That's amazing. (I have 2 computers and can print 2 on each one.) They were cute, but I thought they needed a little something extra so I added some cute ruffles to the bottom using some the batik fabric that I had in my stash.
From boring jeans to cute botique for free!

  • All that I did was cut 4 - 1 1/2 inch strips the width of fabric (about 42 inches).

  • I used my serger to serge all four edges and then did a long stitch down the middle of the fabric to gather it together.

  • After gathering the ruffles to the right length, I used LOTS of pins to hold the fabric in place and stitched down the middle of the strips over the gathering stitch.

I'm excited to see my girls wear their new jeans when I get them done (and one for another K girl cousin too). Only 3 more pairs to go. We should be able to wear them a lot since our weather up here has been pretty cool lately.

When I posted the cute picture of my three girls in their new ruffle pants, my wonderful cousin Anne said she loved them and asked me to make some for her little girl Samantha. I'm sending the package off on Monday and I think they turned out pretty cute. Hopefully they will fit perfectly!
K-girl trying on the pants...Samantha is a lot taller so they were a little bit long.

One more view of the ruffle pants. I love this pattern, but it does take a while to make.


  1. The jeans look great! You are so talented! I know Katie will be thrilled to have hers! I will definitely order some bows to match! No outfit is complete without a matching bow!