Friday, April 1, 2011

Some pictures for the cousins

So we keep hearing rumors about places that are having weather in the 70s and 80s. We keep seeing pictures of the people on their blogs in t-shirts. I wish we were there! Boy are we ready for Spring. I though the K-cousins (and other cousins too) would enjoy seeing the MN K-kids playing outside. ;)
K-baby and Daddy. This is where our snow is the deepest.

K-girl making snow cakes in the playhouse. I keep thinking I'm going to wash her coat, but I'm sure if I did wash it that would guaranty a big snow fall.
K-baby is going to be a swinging girl this summer.

K-girl, K-man and K-baby. K-sis was inside napping.

K-baby showing off her swinging skills.


  1. Oh man, that looks frigid!! Sending warm thoughts your way to thaw everyone out!!

  2. I'm certainly glad we don't have any of that here! Hope you see some melting soon!