Monday, May 23, 2011

K-Baby's Dedication

Our first three children were dedicated at our church in Waupun, WI except for K-baby. We moved a few months after she was born and then our lives just seemed to be busy and time got away from us. Well 2 1/2 years later we are finally getting our last baby dedicated to the Lord.

Since we had both of the Nanas up visiting at the same time we managed to schedule K-baby's dedication for this past weekend (two days after K-man's surgery, I know we're crazy!).

It's always nice to have someone around to take a good family picture.

K-baby with mom and dad.

Our family standing up for K-baby's dedication.

Pastor Steve holding K-baby for the dedication.

I received a beautiful rose that represented a mother's love and God's love for our child and Shawn received a Bible for K-baby to represent that he is the head of our family and responsible for spiritual training.

Facing the congregation.

We are so thankful that we have found a wonderful church to attend. I love that we are able to grow in all parts of our lives and support each other as we go through life. I know this congregation will support us as parents as we teach our children to follow God.

K-sis' Style

This post is in honor of my friend Melissa over at A Farm Wife's Life who is always posting pictures of her beautiful children and the outfits they come up with. K-sis definitely sports a style all her own. She loves to match colors, but doesn't quite understand the concept that dots and plaid (not to mention the snowflakes on her tights) don't go together. :)

Of course she put this on so she could go play outside.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Picnic, Gardening and Fishing!

So after two days of working our garage sale we found some time to play!

K-girl had a chance to wear her matching doll dress.

K-baby showing off her favorite dress.

After church we enjoyed a few hours picnicing at the park with some other families from church.


After our picnic we headed home to plant our garden. We may still have to cover our tomato plants, but we couldn't hold off any longer.

Shawn had plenty of help.

Then we drove through McDonalds and went to Phelp's Mill to do some fishing. We didn't catch anything, but we always have a great time visiting this beautiful place.


K-baby was the queen of the reel! She fished the whole time!!

More fishing!

The family looking at the mill. The park is beautiful!

More family pictures.

Shawn's picture of the mill.

The 4 K-kids on our hike.

We couldn't have fit another activity in to our day! Now I'm hoping the kids sleep in tomorrow before we start our mad week of activities.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

It's hard to even put in to words how wonderful my husband is! I think the world of him and that was before Saturday.

So for the whole story we need to go back a week to when we were sitting in church. I asked Shawn if he thought we should go to the missions fair that our church was putting on the following Saturday. He said, "NO! Don't ask me any other questions because we already have plans." So I knew something was going to be happening on Saturday. I was expecting a dinner out, but not quite like what really happened.

About 5 o'clock on Saturday, Shawn told me I would need to wear a dress and that he was going to pick up our babysitter. Nothing makes a mom happier than when her man gets a sitter for a night out. We had K-man snap a quick picture of us before we were supposed to head out. I then asked Shawn if he was ready to go since he was back with the sitter.


Then he told me that we had to wait for some "friends."

I wasn't expecting a limo!

A limo with some of my friends from church.

After the limo picked up the rest of these lovely ladies the driver told us that we still had an hour before she was to take us to a secret destination. So what's a group of moms, dressed to the nines going to do? Go to Target for snacks of course. We got some weird looks, but enjoyed our snacks and time to chat. Then we piled back in the limo and toured the city for a while, taking a quick side trip to take this lovely photo at one of the parks.

photo by Rachel

Then to the surprise of all the ladies the driver took us to the old train depot and our men greeted us with some long stem roses.

And then we walked down a candle lit hallway strewn with rose petals to see this lovely scene.

photo by Laura

It was so beautiful! They had music, wonderful decorations and a catered meal.

One of our wonderful friends, Laura takes professional photos and we are so thankful that she was willing to take a break from the fun to snap some photos for our "Mom Prom" as the hubbies dubbed the night.

photo by Laura

Our wonderful men who really know how to keep a secret!

photo by Laura

I also want to thank Val Hobbs, Naomi Larson and some other ladies for all the hard work they put in to cleaning up the depot and decorating! I know I will remember this night for always. I am so thankful for a church that has people who are willing to put time and effort serving other people.

We ended our Mother's Day Weekend with some time at church, lunch at Hunans for some Chinese food and then a relaxing bike ride around the lake.

I love being a mommy to these precious people!

We also have another set of wonderful friends from our church, Sue and Al Doering who willingly took K-man and K-girl to the "Duck Fair" for 5 hours on Saturday afternoon. Shawn was working the fair so he couldn't take them and it was $15/per kid to go, so I was not going to take 4 kids! Our kids had a blast playing games, making a wood duck box, winning prizes and eating lots of food and candy. We really appreciate Sue and Al, who we have adopted as our local grandparents. I love that I can see Christ's love shining out of these wonderful people!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

School of Choice Program

The kids have really enjoyed the School of Choice this year and have done some really cool things at school. I'm always amazed in how much they can accomplish in just 4 hours a week. The focus has been on early US history and we have all learned quite a bit.

K-girl showing off her cowgirl artwork.

K-man displaying one page from his character binder. Each week they would learn about an animal and what characteristic of that animal they should try to have like diligence.

Lucky kids got to come home with one of the covered wagons that was made for the program. K-girl and K-sis have been using it to haul around their American Girl dolls.

The Indian village.

Their table of projects on display at the open house.

This was most of their class. I think there were two families who couldn't come.

They sang songs covering most of the history that they learned through the year. I think even K-sis (4 years old) can sing most of the 50 nifty US State song. This video is part of the Preamble to the Constitution.

She Passed!

Even the dog won an award this week.

Shawn and Abby have been busy practicing obedience and hunting skills. I know Shawn is counting down the days until he can take her hunting with him this fall. She really has improved and she loves the kids. I always feel better about the kids playing outside when I know Abby is out there too.

Abby's certificate

She loves watching over the kids.

Abby and Shawn working on her retrieving.

I'm glad this activity is done. Now we have 2 free evenings a week.

Friday, May 6, 2011

AWANAS Award Night

We finally finished one of our week night activities. I'm not quite sure what we will do with our Wednesday evenings now, but I'm sure we will be spending lots more time outside now that our weather is improving. The kids really enjoyed AWANAS this year and they weren't ready for it to end.

K-man will be moving up to the T & T (Truth and Training) group next year. He was excited that he finished his final two Sparkies books this year. It amazes me how fast he can memorize things (he didn't get it from me).

The other two girls will be in the same groups next year, but will both be starting in new books. Even K-sis is good at memorizing verses and I'm sure that all of us will forever remember, Matthew 2:10, When they saw the star they were overjoyed.

All the k-kids

Watching the show. K-baby loved the singing.

K-sis, K-girl, K-man and our K-neighbor.

K-sis was very proud of her ribbon that she got and has been carrying it around the house.

This video is of all the kids singing their club songs. K-sis is constantly singing the cubbies song. She looks a little worried in this video because there were probably 200 people in the room. As you can tell by the end of the video the kids sing these songs all the time because even K-baby gets in the act.

Monday, May 2, 2011