Friday, May 6, 2011

AWANAS Award Night

We finally finished one of our week night activities. I'm not quite sure what we will do with our Wednesday evenings now, but I'm sure we will be spending lots more time outside now that our weather is improving. The kids really enjoyed AWANAS this year and they weren't ready for it to end.

K-man will be moving up to the T & T (Truth and Training) group next year. He was excited that he finished his final two Sparkies books this year. It amazes me how fast he can memorize things (he didn't get it from me).

The other two girls will be in the same groups next year, but will both be starting in new books. Even K-sis is good at memorizing verses and I'm sure that all of us will forever remember, Matthew 2:10, When they saw the star they were overjoyed.

All the k-kids

Watching the show. K-baby loved the singing.

K-sis, K-girl, K-man and our K-neighbor.

K-sis was very proud of her ribbon that she got and has been carrying it around the house.

This video is of all the kids singing their club songs. K-sis is constantly singing the cubbies song. She looks a little worried in this video because there were probably 200 people in the room. As you can tell by the end of the video the kids sing these songs all the time because even K-baby gets in the act.

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  1. Oh that video is the cutest! Kassidy is really growing up!