Monday, May 23, 2011

K-Baby's Dedication

Our first three children were dedicated at our church in Waupun, WI except for K-baby. We moved a few months after she was born and then our lives just seemed to be busy and time got away from us. Well 2 1/2 years later we are finally getting our last baby dedicated to the Lord.

Since we had both of the Nanas up visiting at the same time we managed to schedule K-baby's dedication for this past weekend (two days after K-man's surgery, I know we're crazy!).

It's always nice to have someone around to take a good family picture.

K-baby with mom and dad.

Our family standing up for K-baby's dedication.

Pastor Steve holding K-baby for the dedication.

I received a beautiful rose that represented a mother's love and God's love for our child and Shawn received a Bible for K-baby to represent that he is the head of our family and responsible for spiritual training.

Facing the congregation.

We are so thankful that we have found a wonderful church to attend. I love that we are able to grow in all parts of our lives and support each other as we go through life. I know this congregation will support us as parents as we teach our children to follow God.

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  1. How great that both the Nanas were able to be there for Kbaby's dedication!