Sunday, May 15, 2011

Picnic, Gardening and Fishing!

So after two days of working our garage sale we found some time to play!

K-girl had a chance to wear her matching doll dress.

K-baby showing off her favorite dress.

After church we enjoyed a few hours picnicing at the park with some other families from church.


After our picnic we headed home to plant our garden. We may still have to cover our tomato plants, but we couldn't hold off any longer.

Shawn had plenty of help.

Then we drove through McDonalds and went to Phelp's Mill to do some fishing. We didn't catch anything, but we always have a great time visiting this beautiful place.


K-baby was the queen of the reel! She fished the whole time!!

More fishing!

The family looking at the mill. The park is beautiful!

More family pictures.

Shawn's picture of the mill.

The 4 K-kids on our hike.

We couldn't have fit another activity in to our day! Now I'm hoping the kids sleep in tomorrow before we start our mad week of activities.

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  1. You guys are making such good memories for your children.