Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yeah for Summer Fest!

We had a busy Saturday trying to fit in all the fun activities in town.

I started the day off by doing a little garage sale shopping with my oldest two k-kids. K-man thought he hit the mother load when we stopped at a garage sale where they had a Jeff Gordon run for $1 and hotwheel NASCARS for .20 each (these were $6 each at Target last year). He found a few he didn't have and was smiling from ear to ear when we left. K-girl found a bag of really nice horses for $1 and I managed to find some clothes for both kids for future years. Then we watched a hot air balloon take off while we were out. You don't see that every day!

 After visiting a few garage sales I help K-sis work on her outfit for the kiddie parade. She really wanted to be in the parade, but I didn't think she would be able to bike the whole way. We ended up dressing her as a pioneer girl and putting the kid's covered wagon in our red wagon. Daddy pulled her down the parade route and she got to throw out lots of candy. The dress is one that my mom made me when I was her age and I was able to make the bonnet from a pattern I found online. I'm looking forward to getting together for a play date with some friends to make more later this summer.

 We also put in a stop at the Red Horse Ranch to watch some barrel racing. Their favorite horses were the paints and the ones with younger riders.

 At Summer Fest we stopped by the Home Depot booth and made some projects to take home. We went pretty early in the morning so the kids were able to jump in the giant jumpers without even waiting in line. They loved the giant slide. I loved the craft booths and found a metal horse head to put on K-girl's wall and Shawn's favorite part was the food. I'm ready for the KS State Fair.


 K-baby at the top of the slide. She has no fear.

K-man and K-girl in yet another jumper.

All duded up for the parade. K-man was patriotic. K-girl wanted to be a cowgirl and wear her hat so I sewed it on to her bike helmet to be safe. She also had horses on her bike to lead K-sis' wagon. K-sis is the prairie girl in the covered wagon. They loved getting to throw candy to all the kids on the route. Before the started they wanted to know if they had to throw ALL the candy.

Collecting candy. I think we managed to come home with more candy than we started with.

 Our family picture courtesy of a lady that I met who came to our garage sale last month. She's an older lady with a funny sense of humor. She is in her 60s and bought some of my baby head bands to wear because she is going through cancer treatments. She wanted to bring smiles to the other people she meets so I was glad that we had some time to talk about how her treatments were going.

The basket and flame from the hot air balloon we saw take off. This was a hit during the parade and we could feel the heat even when it was far away! 

 K-baby and Dad at the parade. I don't think she remembered doing this from last year. Here eyes were HUGE when the floats came by and the candy started flying! She was in heaven and the big kids always made sure she snagged some candy.

I'm hoping that today will be a little more relaxing. We were hoping to go fishing yesterday, but we couldn't fit it in to our schedule. Hopefully it won't get to windy today and we can go after church and a picnic at the park with church friends. We are also trying to fit in our monthly camping trip, but our weekends are booking up.

I'm so thankful for summer, we are having a blast!

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  1. What fun amazing memories your children are going to have of their childhood!