Thursday, July 21, 2011

In a Pickle and New Paint

On Thursday, before I found out I'd be picking a ton of produce to preserve all week, I started working on K-girl's wallpaper. When we moved into the house it had this "girlfriend" border, which I don't like and K-girl didn't like either. So in between freezing broccoli and pickling all my cucumbers I found time to finish removing wallpaper and paint.

 I forgot to take a picture before I moved all her stuff around so her room is messy (but that isn't too different from normal).

 Look a picture of me. At least the lamp is blocking most of my backside. Every mom loves to have pictures of their backside posted on the web. ;) I've decided that I really dislike wallpaper.

 Just a few of the cucumbers getting washed up.

 How many did we pick???? Next year I don't think we will pick this many or I will find someone else who wants some ahead of time.

 Some of my bread and butter pickles.

 I'm sure as a mom I could get lots more done on my list each day if I didn't have quite so much help, but oh how my kids love to help! I would hate to discourage them from helping now when they want to spend time doing "work" things with me now. I know the time may come when they may not be as eager to help out with chores and such. K-girl did the painting on the bottom half of her room all the way around as high as she could reach. She did a fantastic job and didn't spill any paint (I wish I could say the same about me).

 K-girl helped me pick the color and it matches her cowgirl quilt on her bed. The color is a bit brighter than I originally thought, but I think we will let this color grow on us for a few weeks and then paint a darker shade if we don't like it. I don't think it will look quite so bright once we get some things up on the walls and Nana Yvette and I have a project in the works for one of her walls. I'm so excited and can't wait to see K-girl's face when she sees the finished project.

 more pickles...these ones are dill

We ended up with:
28 pints and 7 quarts of bread and butter pickles
10 pints and 10 quarts of dill pickles

I don't think I want to see another cucumber for a month! The canning directions said they had to sit and absorb the flavor for 4-6 weeks anyways.

K-girl's bed and quilt in her room. I still haven't got the old curtains back up yet.

And of course we got more veggies on Tuesday. I love that we get so much variety and my kids love trying all the new things (most of the time anyways). I love the feeling that my kids and hubby are getting nutritious food each week and we are preserving food to last us all winter long. But I do hope that the green bean pick isn't this weekend...I need a break!


  1. You need someone to partner with on your canning... makes things fun and is quicker too! Although you and the kids do a great job! I think KGirls room is gonna look awesome! It's great that KGirl is helping on her room too! Can't wait to see it finished! :)

  2. I'm seriously not sure how you handle all the canning. I'd probably get bored with it long before I was finished.

    I can't wait to see Karolyn's room when it's all finished. I'm sure she's gonna love it. And you shouldn't be shy about having your hiney on your blog! LOL If mine was that small and in shape, I'd want to share it!