Friday, July 15, 2011

My Kids Don't Play With Toys

If you visited my house you would see all sorts of toys strewn about, but I can tell you that it probably wasn't my kids playing with them. My kids prefer to play with....


 the coffee table

 Okay, technically these are toys but do we always have to have the spread ALL over the front yard??? They were playing pumpkin patch.

 sharp knives...they are cleaning strawberries...who knew chores could be so much fun?

 another day, another obstacle course

 more furniture

 ahhh...there they are

 camping anyone?

 laundry baskets...every kids dream!

yet another fort (but I think I spy a few toys in this one).

These are just some of the pictures from this summer. In winter, they come up with totally different creative (messy) ideas. I'm glad my kids are so inventive and I'm also are willing to help clean up too. Maybe they can ask for furniture from the grandparents for Christmas?


  1. Love this glimpse into childhood!

  2. What creative minds and brilliant architecture!! The pumpkins patch is one of my favorites!

  3. What a fun little peak into your days! I love your kid's imaginations!