Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our First CSA Harvest Pick for 2011

Besides getting a box of wonderful veggies every week, we had the chance this weekend to attend a harvest event at our CSA farm, Bluebird Gardens.

Our week 6 box- Lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, 2 types of peas, onions, potatoes and zucchini

 This picture shows how BIG the lettuce is. We'll be eating salad with all our meals this week!

 K-sis ready to do some serious pea picking!

 The whole Papon crew at the pea field. Every thing that is green from us to the trees are pea plants! It's a huge field!

 More pea field...see how small the people look?

 K-baby with our stash of peas. I didn't weigh them this year, but we made quite the haul.

My wonderful work crew! They helped shell peas for hours, even K-baby.

Shelling more peas before breakfast...what a great snack. Abby kept the floor quite clean during the whole process.

Our peas all shelled. It was a LOT of work to get them to this point, but the taste is worth it!

Peas finally in the freezer. K-sis helped to seal the bags with my FoodSaver Yvette got me.

Our final tally came to 15 bags of peas each containing 5 cups each. So we froze 75 cups of peas! Last year we only froze 28 cups of regular peas so I'm excited to see how long these last this winter. We had also picked stir fry peas last year, but we didn't end up eating them (I think they were a little big and stringy) so we skipped those this year. The ones we are getting in our box each week have been fabulous so we must have picked big ones past their prime last year.

We are also keeping up with our small backyard garden and enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of our labor. We've been eating green beans each night along with raspberries. YUM! The girls helped me pick all of the onions and I chopped them up and froze them to use this winter. I ended up with 2 gallon ziplocs of onions. We probably should have let them keep going, but the kids kept stepping on the tops and I was afraid they would die in the ground so we picked all of them. This should give us a little more room to maneuver in the garden.


  1. Wow, what a haul of peas!! Your CSA is awesome but a lot of work.. Isn't the end result great though! Will taste awesome this winter :)

  2. I love peas! It's so awesome that you won't have to buy veggie all winter!