Sunday, July 3, 2011

She Loves to Bike

This girl has got to keep up with the big boys and girls!

She is quite the biker and we are very thankful that our little neighbor boy was willing to loan her his "little" bike. She loves to bike around the race track in the garage. Our driveway is not very level and I'm sure she would be in the street most of the time so I'm thankful that she is happy to ride in circles.

 I had to buy her, her own bike helmet since she is riding her first "real" bike and she literally won't take it off for anything.

 Gotta be safe for lunch time.

You never know what can happen while using the bathroom...


  1. Who knew a bicycle helmet could be used in so many different environments! She is a hoot! and she is growing up way too fast.....

  2. So funny all the pictures of her in her helmet! Dee Dee has so much personality!