Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days

WARNING! Bible Usage Can Be Habit Forming. Regular reading can cause loss of anxiety and fear; decreased appetite for lying, cheating, stealing, hating, anger, jealousy, and envy. Symptoms include but are not limited to: increased sense of love, joy, peace, compassion and contentment. Use as often as needed; however, if symptoms persist, praise the Lord!

I started doing the Bible in 90 Days program through Mom's Toolbox in July. So far I'm loving the experience. The Mom's Toolbox matches you up with an accountability group of other moms to help you keep going. I love checking in each week with Mary (who happens to live very close to where I used to live in WI) and seeing how all the other moms are doing. No one is nagging me to get my Bible reading done, but it's nice to know that other moms are out their trying to read through the same parts of the bible and struggling with the same life moments that I am.
I've been keeping up fairly week during the week days, but the weekends have been giving me trouble. I may have to start setting my alarm to get up and get my reading done before the rest of the family wakes up. I've been trying to get up with Shawn during the week days and finish my reading before the kids get up. This gives me about an hour to finish my reading. Right now, I'm about 2 days behind, but I'm sure I can catch up soon.  Day 37 done! I'm almost half way!
My favorite thing about doing this program is that it is helping me to do my quite time in the morning. I LOVE quite time! I'm also loving that I'm reading big chucks all at once which is helping me to put together some of the different stories within the whole big "God Story." I'm so thankful for other moms/Christians who have stepped forward to use their skills God gave them to support others!

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