Monday, August 8, 2011

EAA and a Trip Back to WI

We've been busy traveling to visit all our "old" friends. A few weekends ago we traveled back to WI to meet up with Shawn's parents at the EAA (experimental aircraft association) show and also to spend some time with my best friend's family. My pictures are in reverse order (again), but it still makes sense.

The kids had TONS of fun with Nana and Papa at the EAA. It was a little hot, but we had lots of water ($3.50/ bottle) and yummy treats.

 K-girl learning to wire an airplane. Maybe she'll be an A&P like Uncle Eric.

 The Sea Plane base. This was our first time to visit this part of EAA and it was a wonderful spot. The kids loved watching the float planes take off and we had some wonderful shade to enjoy our lunch in.

 We borrowed some shade from an airplane to watch the show. I don't think anyone got burnt.

 Papa and K-girl posing in front of Papa's redone WWII aircraft. He won an award for the best L-2 aircraft at the show. I can't believe that he was able to teach himself to totally redue this whole airplane.


 She loved the airplanes, but it was a little loud on the front lines.

 She wanted to wave at every plane that flew over. Maybe she'll be a pilot like Papa??

 K-sis enjoying Papa's L2 back seat.

 Snuggle time with Nana.

We even managed to squeeze in a visit with some friends at Pizza Ranch. We had a great time watching the kids run around and play games while we had a few minutes to catch up with each other.

 All the kids.

 The adults.

 K-man even got the chance to meet up with one of his friends that had moved to CO and was back visiting.

 We watched A (middle) play some great soccer.

Heather is such a great friend. I'm so glad that we can still plan to get together even though we live so far away. Heather and I had a great time watching the kids play and also crafting together.

It was a busy 4 days and we were exhausted when we got home, but I'm glad that we took the time to go back "home" again.

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