Saturday, August 13, 2011

K-girl's Cowgirl Room

I've been working hard on K-girl's room in my spare time. We finally had a weekend at home so I followed Shawn around and had him fix things that were broken, hang things on the walls and move big furniture around some. K-girl is so excited about her room. She moved in to her own room sometime around March and I didn't really take any before pictures I liked besides this one as we were getting ready to paint and remove wallpaper.
Before- ugly pink border

 I'm so excited with the results! K-girl is enjoying an antique desk that she got from Papa Bruce's mom. Nana Yvette bought her the chair and we spray painted it white. K-girl and daddy made the shelves for all her treasures. We also found the iron horse sculpture at the craft show down town. The only think we have left to work on in this corner of the room is building a bookcase where the white plastic drawers are sitting. I've added this to Shawn's extensive to-do list and I'm sure it will get done sometime soon.

 Bigger view of K-girl's room. I got the curtains at Walmart and they really darken the room in the evenings and mornings which is great since it is light until after 10:30 in the summer here.

 This is currently housing K-girl's books, horse toys and a few other treasures. Shawn and I made this toy holder together when we lived in WI. We are planning on moving this to a different room and adding a white dresser when we find one we like in our price range or when Shawn builds one. Yvette made K-girl a beautiful horse quilt that she loves on her wall.  Shawn is also planning on making some hat hooks for K-girl out of some horse shoes from his parents house next time we visit KS.

 I knew that I wanted to do a horse on K-girl's biggest wall and that finally happened today. I emailed Yvette a clip art picture that I liked and she enlarged it with her artistic skills on butcher paper and then gave me her cutout that she made. All that I had to do was trace around the outside with pencil and then follow the lines.

It's hard to see the horse outline painted on the wall in this picture, but it shows up really well in her room. I didn't want it to stick out too much so I picked a light tan (which looks more peach on the wall). I may go and get some chocolate brown paint and go over it again so it matches the curtains. I'm waiting for Nana to come and add in a few details. I can follow lines, but I'm definitely not an artist. Nana Kristi made K-girl the cute cow boot quilt on her bed and helped her make a matching pillow. She is using the bed that my parents bought me when I was in elementary school. I did take the brass knobs off and paint them with a brushed nickel spray paint.

Interior decorating is NOT one of my talents. I've never been good at it so I was pleasantly suprised that everything pulled together as well as it did. I'm always trying to balance out using things that we've been given and treasure with things that we can afford to buy. I'm grateful that we have wonderful parents who are willing to pass on wonderful furniture to us that holds a meaningful story. I'm also thankful to Shawn's mom and my mom for their willingness to spend time making things for my kids.

I'm sure my cowgirl is going to be happy for many years to come. I know I have two cousins who would be totally jealous of this horse themed room (that's you Anne and Katie Beth) ;) I'm sure she would love for you to come and visit anytime. She may even let you play with her horses! 

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