Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Life's Not Perfect

I wish that every thing in my life was perfect, but it's not. I'm trying to find blessings in the small things in life. One of my homeschooling friends is hosting an I'm Blessed post link-up each Monday and I'm participating this week.

Did you know that by the end of some days I eagerly hand my cranky kids off to my husband and lock myself in the bathroom for a nice long bath and a little peace and quite? I may or may not be heard saying "I'm tired of YOUR kids!" I'm blessed that I get to spend each day with my kids.

Being at home with my kids puts my house in a state of constant disaster, but I love being at home with my kids. God has blessed me with 4 little helpers who love to help out around the house (sometimes bribery has to be used). If you come by please don't look to closely at my kitchen floor.

I'm always behind in my devotions reading, but I'm blessed to have the freedom to read my Bible when ever and where ever I choose.

There always seems to be things at the store that I really want to buy that aren't in our budget. I'm blessed by a wonderful husband who is willing and able to support our family on one income and provide for our families needs.

We live really far from our families and don't get to see them very often. I'm blessed that our families are willing to travel long distances to see us and that we have been able to "adopt" friends as part of our extended family.

I'm not the best wife, mom, friend or sister in the world. I often do or say the wrong thing. I always feel that I have lots of room for improvement, but I'm truly blessed that I worship a God who loves me just the way that I am.

I think it's all in a matter of perspective on how we look at our lives.
Is it all drudgery?
I can see my blessings in disguise.

Thanks Gretchen for coming up with this wonderful idea and sharing it with others.

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  1. We've been talking about all this in bible study. How God uses our everyday "little things" to draw us closer to him. What a loving God. He's with us no matter where we are and when we call on him - He is there!!! Praise the Lord....