Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sundberg Apiary

I'm so thankful that we have an active homeschool group in our town. The kids and I recently went on a trip to the Sundberg Apiary (a bee farm). I can't believe that this amazing place is just 2 miles up the road from our house. We learned quite a lot about bees and the kids are looking forward to checking out some bee books this week at the library.

There were about 50-60 people on this field trip.

Not the best picture, I guess they thought it was a little sunny out.

This was the processing room for the honey. It was really cool to see how they extracted the honey from the combs. They have 6,000 hives around our area and even take their bees South for the winter on a semi truck.

A view of all the honey dripping down on to the conveyor belt.

another view

Each of us got to stick one finger in the honey! mmmmmm....good!

My crew standing next to a 700 pound barrel of honey.

K-girl standing next to a few of their empty bee boxes.

After we toured the honey factory we got to visit their antique car building. They had around 20 antique cars. Most of them were from the 1910-1920s. Way cool!

We ended our day with a quick lunch play date with some friends!

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