Thursday, September 8, 2011

Duck Banding and Butterfly Tagging

A few weeks ago we were able to attend a wonderful day full of activities at the Prairie Wetland Learning Center.  The Learning Center is with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Shawn's boss is also in charge of this facility. Sometime during special events Shawn gets to help volunteer with running some of the booths. We love seeing Shawn at work and we are so glad that he LOVES what he does.

Our first stop for the day was Wood Duck banding. It was so cool to watch the kids launch the ducks in the air after they banded their leg.

 Wood Ducks in the swimming trap. Somehow they could swim in but not out.

 Shawn and the kids looking on while the PWLC staff explained the differences in the duck they caught.

 Shawn showing all the kids a wood duck and how to tell if it was a male/female and a juvenile/adult.

 Shawn putting a leg band on a duck.

 K-girl's duck

Mommy and K-baby getting ready to launch our duck.

The kids thought releasing the duck was the best thing in the world. I will definitely remember their smiles and giggles for hears to come.

 After the duck banding we watched a spectacular play put on by local kids. The buffaloes coming over the the hill. They looked so real and the music they had during the play really was cool.

The kids also had a chance to tag Monarch butterflies. Here they are with their nets.

 Shawn putting a small, circle sticker on the wing of a butterfly that K-man caught.

 K-man with his Monarch

 K-sis getting ready to release her butterfly.

 Making butterfly crafts.

 K-baby thought releasing butterflies was pretty awesome.

K-girl releasing her Viceroy butterfly. (I'm sure the spelling is wrong)

I'm glad that we have such amazing facilities to learn about nature in our community!

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