Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Horsing Around at the Papon's House

We had a super busy five days at Nana Yvette and Papa Bruce's house. The kids love visiting the farm! They had a great time doing chores and keeping Nana and Papa busy.

 K-girl and Nana heading to the barn to do chores. I LOVE the new quilt square that Nana painted on the barn. I may have to buy a barn so I can have one too!

 K-girl throwing hay to Cheyenne.

 Feeding Nana's donkey Frankie.

 K-girl helping dad check out Papa's prairie. You can see the shop and trees by the house in the background.

 K-man is definitely Papa's shadow when ever he visits the farm. He helped Papa plant, mow and move dirt with the tractor.

 The girl's helping Papa plant some wheat at the farm.

 K-man loading the planter with seed. This boy would LOVE to live on a farm someday.

 K-man, Bruce and Shawn shooting blue rocks. K-man even hit one with his new gun!

 Papa watching all the kids in the sandbox. He didn't even lose anyone!

K-baby and cousin Katie loved playing together.

 K-girl trying out the new kid sized saddle Nana picked up at the State Fair. She really wanted it to be pink, but Nana didn't think the boys would like that so she got a cute one with black on it.

 K-baby and K-girl helping Nana brush Cheyenne. These two girls spent most of their time at the farm riding or bugging Nana to ride more. :)

 K-girl aka Cowgirl

 She loves Cheyenne, even though she got dumped off 2 times this trip. We're glad that Papa bought some fence panels to make a safe corral for riding in.

 K-baby loves riding too!

 and kissing....

 and petting....

 and even waiting with Papa for a turn is fun.

 K-sis took a short turn riding, but she spent most of her time eating apples off of Nana's apple tree and playing in the sandbox.

 K-baby riding with Nana.

 Cousin Katie taking her turn.


I know that cousins Kelton and Konner were around too, but I didn't get any good pictures to post with this blog post. I know I have some cute ones from the Peace Treaty though, so I'll post those when I get a chance.


  1. LOVE all these vacation pictures!! You and Shawn are certainly making memories for your kiddos!

  2. Wow,I guess we were busy!! No wonder I was so tired.... We all had so much fun! Feel better soon.