Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mini Family Reunion

On Sunday my mom planned a little mini family reunion and we were so excited to see most of our family from both sides! We only had a few family members who couldn't make it and they live multiple states away so we'll excuse them this time.

My mom and dad rented out the Elmdale Community Center and the kids all had a blast running around. I can say that my kids slept well that night! We had racquetball, volleyball, marshmallow golf, ride on toys, gymnastics mats, a playground, yummy food and LOTS of space to run around. Thanks mom for taking the time to plan this event!!

 Shawn and the little kids playing in the racquetball court.

 Konner playing with a ball. He wasn't walking last time we saw him so we were excited to see him running around.

 K-girl showing off her gymnastics.

 Shawn's family supervising some of the littles.

 All the kids were glad that we had ride on toys to play with. Thanks Aunt Staci.

 Watching the kids play in the gym.

 Creating a cool obstacle course.

 K-man, Shawn and cousin Kelton.

 Konner, K-girl and Cousin A.

 All the cousins from both sides plus one- second cousin.

 Chatting outside while watching the kids play.

 Konner and K-girl playing while Nana watches.

 This was a popular feature at the playground.

 Aunt Staci helping K-sis with some marshmallow golf.

 Candy (my sister-in-law Staci's mom) and cousin A.

Cousin Katie Beth showing off her marshmallow golf skills.

Somehow a few people managed to avoid my camera! I know I had 3 uncles and another cousin who didn't make the blog.

A BIG thank you to everyone who drove hours to see us!! We had lots of family who travelled 3-4 hours to play for the day! Hopefully we will be able to see everyone again soon. If anyone wonders up to MN please stop by and enjoy some free food and lodging at the Papon house. We would love to see you!

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