Thursday, September 29, 2011

Peace Treaty Pagent

Shawn's parents live about 30 minutes from Medicine Lodge, KS. Medicine Lodge is the location of an important Peace Treaty signed by the Native Americans and the U.S. government. Every few years the city of only 2,000 people puts on a huge pageant showing the history of how our country was settled. The stage was God's red hills in a beautiful valley.

I can say it was so AWESOME to see history come alive before our very eyes. They had 100's of horses and people involved in the pageant. This program fit in perfectly with the US history that we studies as part of our homeschool last year.

Our family was joined by Shawn's parents, my parents, Shawn's Aunt Jo and Eric's family. The kids all did good in the heat even though they started late.

 Nana Yvette with all the K-kids standing in front of a tee-pee.

The K-kids standing by the cannon that was shot during the program. The men working the cannon had some really great stories to tell.

 K-baby, Shawn, K-sis and K-man standing by the trapper's wagon that was used in the original 1927 Peace Treaty Pageant.

 Kelton using some binoculars to view the action.

 K-man and Konner trying to keep cool. Konner did a great job and sat in his shaded stroller spot for 3 hours.

 K-sis up close and personal with one of the "Indians." They had real Native Americans, but we didn't get any close up shots with the kids.

 The Native Americans signing the Peace Treaty.

 A cattle drive.

 The Native Americans waiting to attack the wagon trail.

 It was so cool to see the wagon trains all lined up. I can just imagine how lines of 100's of wagons would have looked passing through the KS prairie. K-sis said next time she was going to bring her prairie bonnet and dress.

The Calvary chasing away the Indians attacking the wagon train.

I'm so glad that we have made the decision to homeschool so we had the opportunity to travel to see this historical event! My kids will remember this part of American history for a long time to come.

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  1. I am so glad all the kids got to see this event. Even Konnor liked watching the cowboys and indians... I'm so surprised the guns and cannons didn't scare him. We all loved the colorful history. Glad everyone could make it even it was hot! So thankful we took tons of water :)