Monday, September 26, 2011

Playing at the Cook's House

I love my mom, she's a "do-er" which means if we aren't "doing" things we aren't having fun! So in the five days we visited my parents in Kansas we spent two days at the State Fair, one day having a family reunion AND all these activities at the farm. Warning: LOTS of pictures to follow!

K-sis bakes squirrel corn and bird seed in the play house.

K-girl riding the trike and trailer hauling supplies to her cousins.

We went to the YMCA for open swim and had the pool all to ourselves. The kids had a great time swimming around with their cousins!

K-man had a "blast" with his new guns that Papa Tom gave him. My Grandpa Bo passed away earlier this year and he gave my dad two guns. Papa decided to gift these guns to K-man. He got a 410 and 22. The 410 was a gun that K-man's great-great grandpa had when he was alive. What a fun legacy to pass along! Thanks to Papa Tom for making this boy smile from ear to ear. I'm sure he'll be asking when he can shoot again!

K-man showing off a can he shot. The guns are still a bit heavy, but he has a great eye! He can shoot at cans from 20 yards with no problem even shooting better than his dad sometimes. His highlight of the vacation was shooting a blue rockin the air on his third try ever! I couldn't believe it and I'm sure he's already better than me.

Shawn, K-man and Papa Tom out by the shed shooting cans.

Tether ball with Nana and K-girl

 A quick attempt at a family picture.

 K-man enjoying a tractor ride with Papa. I'm sure he'll be driving by himself before we know it.

 K-sis posing in my parent's back field.

 K-sis cooking with Nana.

 K-girl posing at the Dillon Nature Center.

 My dad is the director of Recreation for the USD 308 area in Hutchinson, KS. They've been working on a new nature play park at the Dillon Nature Center. This is the first time that our kids have gotten to play at the new park and it was a hit! What else could a kid want besides sand, water, dirt and sticks?? The landscaping was beautiful and my kids did not want to leave!
 The kids playing in the GIANT sandbox area while daddy works the pump to fill up the river.

Another family picture with my parents. They had a beautiful gazebo and so many different places for photo opportunities. 

 Shawn and K-baby building in the fort and sticks area. I'm thinking my parents may have to have an area like this at their house. They had a tarp, sticks and some log slices that this kids could create with.

 My parent's version of a sandbox. Room for everyone!

 All the cousins playing in the sandbox.

The K-kids touring the farm in Papa's trucks. We worn these things out and had to recharge them many times!

I'm so thankful to my parents for putting up with us for 5 days. We travel with LOTS of stuff and take up LOTS of room. We had a wonderful time and can't wait for my parents to come up North to visit us in a few weeks. I don't think we could have fit another activity in to our trip.

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