Monday, September 19, 2011

Shawn and I haven't been to the Kansas State Fair since before we had kids. I think the kids managed to do everything the fair had to offer! We did lots of rides, ate lots of fun fair food, walked through many exhibits and enjoyed the whole fair experience. We had a fabulous time with my parents, my brother's family, Shawn's mom and his brother.

 K-baby, my mom and K-sis

 K-man and K-sis milking a cow.

 K-baby and K-girl trying out riding double on a horse saddle.

 The whole clan learning about how to clean cotton.

 K-girl with her two cousins.

 All the K-kids with their cousin. My kids loved the Western comedy show!

 K-sis feeding a zebra while K-man watches. My parents love about 4 miles from Hedricks animal farm which provides all the animals for the petting zoo at the fair. It's fun to see all these unique animals.

 K-baby rides a pony while Shawn watches. I think she's ready to ride horses at Nana's house next week.

 K-man working on a virtual excavator.

 Shawn playing golf with an excavator.

 K-man played in the NASCAR exhibit 6 different times. This was probably his favorite spot!

 All the K-kids boating a the lake on the fair grounds.

 I even braved my fear of heights to try out the zip line and had a blast! That's me in the green shirt.

 Shawn's mom, my parents and the kids enjoying some free ice cream. YUM!

 K-man, K-girl and Shawn enjoying the giant yellow slide. The kids (except K-sis) could have done this slide ALL DAY LONG!!

 K-baby catching a quick nap at the fair.

 mmm....sugar....thanks Nana!

 K-girl and K-man riding the dragon roller coaster! It was fun to see them try some of the crazier rides for younger kids.

 Yvette, Eric and Shawn at the Third Day Concert! Thanks Yvette! We had a blast and the music was awesome. I wish it hadn't been misting, but we survived.

 Getting ready to watch the pig races.

 Riding the train.

 I think they're having fun don't you??

 K-baby wasn't tall enough to ride the small slide by herself so daddy volunteered to take her down. She loved it!

 Shawn and K-man braving the tornado spinner!

 Virtual kayaking with Nana.

K-baby and K-sis LOVED the big yellow slide. K-baby wouldn't allow me to help her up the steps in any way. I was scared, but she was ready to go again!

YEP, I think we did it all! I can't wait until next year, I'm hoping that we can all make it to the MN State Fair.

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