Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Carrots, Melons and Rutabagas!

Do you remember when we came home with all this stuff a week ago??
Well the chicken were easy and went right in the freezer (thanks hon) and the pumpkins went on the front step. I've canned, baked and frozen all the tomatoes and we've eaten or shared many of our watermelons and cantaloupes.

The next thing that I decided to tackle was our 7 gallons of carrots.

Dirty carrots straight from the farm.

 These are 3 (of the 4) reasons that I was able to get my carrots done so quickly. My kids are crazy and wanted to help me so I had them wash, cut and peel for me. Don't worry I didn't let K-baby have a knife, but she loved to wash carrots or watch what everyone else was doing.

 Ta-Da this is what the carrots looked like after we were done slicing them. I forgot to take a picture before I used half of the top right bowl. I did end up shredding the 9x19 pan of carrots, but I'm thinking I may freeze some whole carrots next time. These were the ends that I had left-over after when I was using my Papered Chef cutter. I learned to leave quite a lot on the end after a few bloody injuries to my fingers.

 Carrots ready to be frozen on cookie sheets.

Yeah! Frozen carrots packaged for the freezer. I didn't take time to measure out cups, but I did get 6 FULL gallon bags and 4 quart bags of carrots. I love being able to pull out what I need all winter to go in soups, casseroles or omelets.

We ran out of carrots last winter and we still have one farm event ticket left so I may use that last one to get more carrots. I was thinking about using it to get some squash, but I'm not sure if we would use it up. We'll see how much energy I can muster, because I still have a few melons left to use and a big 5 gallon bucket of rutabagas left to use.

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  1. Good for you Carrie, that does take so much work, but at least you'll have all winter to rest up until you start again next year. LOL I saw a rutabaga recipe on a food blog that looked good. I will email you the link.