Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cooler Weather and School

My favorite thing about the start of cooler weather is that we have more time to homeschool. We always try to start the school year early because we take lots of breaks to visit family or have family visit us. I also find it's always hard to keep the kids indoors when the weather is so nice so we take breaks quite often. I'm glad that I have the freedom to send my kids outside after doing a few subjects when it's beautiful outdoors, because I know when it turns colder we'll have plenty of time to catch up. This week it's been cooler and we've been putting in some full days of school.

 We're using My Father's World again this year and loving it. We are doing Countries and Cultures with K-man and 1st grade with K-girl. K-man's starting with the US and  Canada is next week. The kids can hardly wait to get their passports next week. I'm having K-man do all the assignments and the girls get to do all the "fun" things.

Working on a puzzle together.

 All done! I got this puzzle at a PE convention I went to in Boston with my mom. I lost one of the states while I was teaching middle school in Missouri, but the kids still love putting this puzzle together.

 K-sis is sooooo excited that she is learning to read. She's got all her at words down P-A-T. She's using some scrabble letters I got from my mom that she used in her P.E. class before she retired.

 All four K's at the table. The little girls are playing with dry erase markers, K-man is doing language arts and K-girl is doing some site word work.

Working hard!


  1. Love all the manipulatives your mom gave you. Wish I could have gave u something from school, but old computer parts, outdated software and wind up cameras wouldn't be much fun. Love the school pics.

  2. :) I feel the same as you about the weather--there will be plenty of -40 days to stay INside!

  3. You have the most creative teaching ideas! I love that big map!