Friday, October 21, 2011

Enjoying Nana and Papa Time

My parents were finally able to travel up North to visit us. After driving for 12 hours my parents arrive at about 1 o'clock in the morning on Thursday. The kids were so excited on Thursday morning when they woke up Nana and Papa were both waiting for them!

Nana had to give out presents right away. She gave each of the kids a new tennis racquets. Of course we had to go and use them right away so we went to Broadway Park to try them out.

 Nana and the K-kids with their new racquet's.

 Papa, K-girl, K-man and Nana playing doubles. K-man was really good!

 K-sis loved pushing the ball on the ground with her racquet.

 K-baby talked Papa into going over to the park.

 We are so thankful for this beautiful smile!

 Papa and K-sis trying out the merry-go-round.


 Nana Kristi

 K-baby trying out the duck.

 The whole crew at the park. You gotta love it when they won't smile cause it's too sunny.

 K-baby is always trying out the dangerous parts of the park. She's got to keep up with all her siblings.

 K-baby and Nana Kristi

 Trying out their new racquets with Nana in the backyard with our badminton net.

On Saturday our health food store had an open house to celebrate MN apples.  On our way to the store we stopped off to take a short hike at a local park.
 Hiking with Nana and Papa.

 Showing Nana and Papa the "secret" swim area. It was pretty windy that day so we finally had to break out the winter gear.

 Nana Kristi

 hiking on the trail

K-man showing off his NASCAR gear. I think he'll be set for Halloween this year thanks to Papa Tom.

We love it when our parents get the chance to come up and spend some time playing with us. One of the benefits of living so far away from grandparents is that we get some great quality time when they visit for a week at a time. Nothings better than spending a whole week having fun with Nana and Papa!

I have more pictures but decided to split them into two posts.


  1. Looks like you all had lots of fun!

  2. It looks like you had some great weather while you're parents were visiting! That's great they're able to stay for a week to spend time with the kids.

    LOVE Kolsen's Nascar outfit!

  3. We loved getting to visit and already miss all of you and all of the action!
    Nana Kristi