Monday, October 3, 2011

Hunting and Hiking

So you know I've been busy in the kitchen, but you may have be wondering what the rest of my family has been doing.

I've been bribing my kids with cooking chores to get their school work done.

kid: I want to cut carrots.
me: If you do 2 school subjects then you can help me.
kid: Yeah! Can I wash the carrots.
another kid: I want to cut.
me: Yes.

I did have 7 gallons of carrots to peel, wash and slice today so any help I could get was greatly appreciated. I'm so thankful that my kids love to help out in the kitchen.

Shawn has been busy too. It's duck season, so he's been busy bringing home meat to feed his family this winter. ;)  I think he has made it 6 days so far this year. I know he stayed up late every night when we got back from KS to refinish his duck boat and get it ready for the season. He managed to go hunting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. He's having a blast and I'm glad that the dog is exhausted for the rest of the day.

 4 ducks and 1 goose.

 K-man was excited to get his first hunting license. Shawn's hoping to take him this weekend.

 3 Wood Ducks.

Our weather this fall has been beautiful so we've been trying to get out of the house as much as we can. We were hoping to take a day hiking trip to Maplewood State Park this weekend but K-man wasn't feeling well. We delayed our trip and took a short evening trip on Monday night instead. We stopped by Subway and then headed out to the park to have a picnic and hike. The leaves are beautiful right now and K-sis summed it all up when she said, "Mom, God is so wonderful that he can make leaves that change colors."

 Picnic at Maplewood State Park.

 K-sis found a pretty tree and wanted me to take her picture with the leaves.

 I love this one even though it's blurry. This park is only 35-40 minutes from our house and it is just beautiful!

 We love leaves!
This makes putting aside the things that I feel have to be done, worth it. 

 Most of the family by the lake shore.

 Science- cool tree roots exposed on the beach.

 Throwing rocks with daddy.

 One fellow hiker offered to take a family picture. I love all the different colors in the background.

At the top of the look-out. That little narrow strip in the background is the road we drove on to get to the park. You could see 360 degrees in all directions from this lookout. God is AMAZING!

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  1. Those pictures are totally amazing. Glad you got to spend some time outside with the family. Luv what K-sis said about the leaves. Kids are so smart and amazing. Glad it is duck season so Shawn can get some meat for the winter. Bet K-man can't wait to go!